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Education is the platform for a child's future and it is significant to make sure every student learns what he or she need, in order to assist to succeed in his or her adult lives. I would feel very happy when every student succeed in live to fulfill his/her career dreams. Most of all, I love being a teacher because I am a life-long learner, and my philosophies are clearly set out. My teaching philosophy starts with my faith, from which follows a command: to adore one another, as there is no better command than this. Love consists of patience and kindness; constantly hopes and persists. To love all the students is a challenge; I recognize it is a difficult thing to do. That is why it is the pillar of my teaching philosophy.  

I recognize the fact that each child in America and the whole world is guaranteed an education and I feel it is my duty as an instructor to do my role to ensure that it is of high quality. I recognize that teaching and learning are two interdependent things. In the process of teaching, I learn from the students. I learn about the obstacles they face that were not an issue when I was their age.

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On a related, tangible note, I firmly consider the power of incorporating new technologies to create solutions for my students and my fellow teachers. I constantly learn about the new advances in technology as they happen. In addition, I just listen to a lunchtime conversation to hear all about the latest educational websites. This is because technology certainly enhances the tools, the ideas, which we teachers employ inside and outside the classroom. Without it, we would be putting up stone dwellings in place of glossy aluminum edifices, and working with one individual sitting in the adjacent desk rather than working together with thousands of other educators at the touch of a button.

More so, I learn about trust. The trust my students have in me to lead them into the future. In addition, hopefully, while I am busy learning from them, they might learn something valuable from me. Finally, I believe there is value in accepting and distributing fresh ideas to people, even to persons who at the time may not wish to know, because convenient solutions will forever be required in the education kingdom, whether we posses them or not; and I intend to accumulate them.

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