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Leadership is a key aspect in any type of organization. It usually refers to the art of inspiring a group of people to work with an aim of achieving a mutual goal. The leader in a particular group is the motivator and the administrator of the action to be performed. A leader posses the skills and personality that the other members of the group consider right and that they are ready to follow to achieve the organization's target. Leadership of a particular organization determines the performance of that organization. Therefore, good leadership is very essential for an organization's success. Leadership and management in an organization are sometimes used interchangeably in reference to the management structure of that organization. The management structure of any organization refers to the managers who are actually the leaders of that organization.  

According to Tim P. and Kathy M (2007), leading people refers to inspiring people to work hard to achieve a common goal. For example, a director in the healthcare organization can inspire the other stakeholders in that organization to work hard in order to achieve the common goal of improving health in the society. Managing resources refers to guiding people to ensure that the organization's resources are spent appropriately for the benefit of the organization. For example, the finance department in healthcare organizations is in charge of managing cash while the human resource department manages human resources. Healthcare organizations need to ensure good leadership. This is because good leadership in the healthcare organizations will make it possible for them to offer better healthcare services hence improving human health. In the recent past, healthcare organizations have been facing challenges in attaining the performance that their stakeholders expect from them. In this connection, healthcare organizations are in great need for efficient leadership and management of resources.  

According to Bruce F. and Myron D. (2008), healthcare organizations are executing and designing leadership development initiatives to set a base for an unrelenting, long-term organizational growth and development. To achieve this continued organizational growth, healthcare organizations ensure that they identify key leader competencies. All the people who hold leadership posts in the healthcare organizations are required to have leadership competencies in order to ensure efficient leadership. Leaders influence other people in the organization to perform the tasks that help the organization to meet its requirements. Leaders also direct the organization by making it more consistent. In healthcare organizations, leaders perform their duties by applying their leadership competencies that include their knowledge, skills, traits, character, ethics and abilities. Commitment to leadership and nurturing it within the healthcare organizations helps in achieving excellent performance, Bruce F. and Myron D. (2008).

Healthcare organizations have to evaluate the capability and competence of their leaders in order to ensure that people are well led. The leadership competencies that healthcare organizations expect from their leaders include integrity, honesty, being innovative, and communication skills among others. In addition, healthcare organizations expect their leaders to ensure excellent customer management services, resource management and enabling effective changes in the organization. Moreover, healthcare organizations expect their leaders to show alignment and power comparative to vision, objectives and strategic goals of the organization, Tim P. and Kathy M (2007).

In healthcare organizations, leading people is critical to the success of the organization. The leaders in the healthcare organizations have to work together to lead people in achieving the goals of the organization. Leading people in healthcare organizations include guiding the people in the right manner to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. The governing body and the senior managers in healthcare organizations have to work together in order to achieve the target of the organization. We also have the leaders of the licensed independent practitioners who assist in healthcare organization leadership.

Leaders in healthcare organizations also help in the management of resources. In various organizations, resources refer to both human and synthetic resources that help to achieve the goals of the organization, Leiyu S. (2006). It also includes the management of information resources in the healthcare organization.  Healthcare organizations have to ensure effective management of resources in order for them to achieve their set goals and objectives. In order for healthcare organizations to develop well, the leaders have to manage and evolve skills that will help in the attainment of the set goals and objectives.

In order to endure unstable economic pressures, healthcare organizations need to manage all their resources carefully. According to Bruce F. and Myron D. (2008), healthcare organizations have to ensure excellent resource management in order to achieve their target. Healthcare resource management includes the management of cash, human resources and other organization's goods. Lack of efficient resource management in healthcare organizations lead to decline, financial mayhem, increased bad debts and inefficient services. This in turn leads to decline in human health standards. In order to manage resources well, healthcare organizations have to develop a change management process, develop financial rational goals and implement financial techniques. Leaders in healthcare organizations need to ensure financial health to all the stakeholders in order to achieve the organizational goal, Leiyu S. (2006).

Leading people and managing resources is essential for the success of all types of organizations. Organizations have to ensure efficient leadership and resource management in order to meet its goals. Healthcare organizations ensure good leadership and resource management since this leads them to succeed.


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