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In theory, a person will lose control of their lives if simply because they lost control of their work. This will transpire depending two conditions. The workers are working under a capitalist situation and are working in a modern industrial context. This is according to Karl Marx who came up with the theory of alienation based on human nature in a practical workplace. This theory is the basis of this paper. So according to the theory the workers will lose all sense of individualism that existed. They will become slaves to the system that they were a part of in the beginning.

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Slaves will not be able to dictate their working conditions or the relationships that they have with their colleagues. These will become infinitely impersonal in nature. He praised artists because they are able to control their work. The worker losses his identity and becomes a minute cog in the workings of the grand plan that is the cooperation. They lose control over every aspect of the production process. It is this reason that he gives for their estrangement from human behavior. This conditions force a person to exhibit inhuman behavior. Therefore, in order for society to thrive we have to rid the capitalism from the society.

That means that political dictatorship is not the only dictatorship there is in a society. The society must also be free socially and economically. People will not be free unless they can control the conditions in which they produce. The animals and robots have every aspect of their life controlled. There is some truth to this theory. The person or entity that controls the working conditions or the context of production effectively assumes the role of a dictator.

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This is because that person or entity will be able to control the living standard of the population. This will; among other things affect that society's view about life in general. That is a massive injustice no matter the integrity of the person in that chair, Marx (1844). The workers suffer this plight simply because they do not own the means of production. An artist will defer from this because he, on the other hand, owns his means of production. They are in total control. That is why they do not mind working long hours or under trying conditions.

The work that they do has a deeper meaning to them. It is everything that they do to accomplish their inner desires. Therefore, everything that they do is a part of them. They could not be happy if he does anything else. That is why the economic value of their work is not as much of a priority. It is for the workers because that is everything that they have. An artist is satisfied if he accomplished what he wanted at heart. A worker will only be concerned with the amount of wealth he is accumulating. This is because every other aspect of his production has been taken away from him.

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Human nature according to Karl Marx changes in various societies depending on the various attributes that exist in them. According to Judy Cox (1998), the reason for alienation is the means of production. The product the worker creates is consumed and disposed by someone else. They cannot make use of the things, which they produce. This leads to the death of their creativity. It can no longer be of use, so it dies as a part of their being. Judy Cox (1998) affirms that the labor of the worker is a foreign entity to the person.

It begins to confront them as a foreign entity that is not part of them. The alienation continues as an alienation from other people. This aspect creates classes in the society. In opinion what must give hardship to one person will give pleasure to someone else. The ones who exploit the labor and in turn exploit the labor of others thus exploit us. We are in connection with many people every day through this cycle. This incredibly changes the perspective that we have of other people. We immediately begin to see others in the light of profit and loss.

This depersonalizes human relationships into business enterprises of what can we gain from someone. This is illustrated in many places today. The most sacred relationship being marriage has a business venture in some settings. Partners enter the relationship only to see how much they can benefit from the other. The idea of personal gain has dominated. This is not personal gain for an intrinsic goal but that of economics. The wealthier the person is the higher the rating they will get. So these relationships cease to be social and for human good.


The fact that the worker does not benefit from his means of production is a sad one. That, however, does not exempt from the fact that it is now quite a little too late for that. The capitalist system has become so embedded in today's world. In as much as the redistributive efforts by governments try to bring justice and equality, the capitalist tendencies tend to reinvent themselves. Removing it in the name of fairness would be the same as removing a person's brain, claiming that it has an inoperable tumor. The damage caused would be the greater evil. It would not even be humanly possible to do so at this point. The theory does state the challenges of the concept. At the bottom line, that is all we can do, agree with it.

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