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The philosopher Immanuel Kant based his theories and beliefs on the republican state. This is attributed to the fact that he strongly believed that the republican government was the main government at promoting peace at an international level (Williams, 2008).  The constitutional rule observed by the government was according to the rightful laws selected through moral choices. The laws that are observed in the government are unifying as well as they are applicable to the citizens of the country and the monarchs governing it.

These laws are respected and unify the different countries as they govern the manner by which the decisions are made.  Hence, they are able to promote the peace factor among republican countries. Hence, this made Kant view the republican countries as peace producers as they initiated the concept meaningfully among themselves (Williams, 2008). According to Kant, it proved that the liberal states are rather peaceful compared to other states and this was highly applicable in the republic government.

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The monadic theory was quite applicable in some of the traditional conflicts encountered between the liberal states. Incorporating the theory in some of the recent situations faced by the republican states, the concept is not as applicable. The acts of violence and hostility have been quite evident as the liberal states attempted to force liberal democracy in other states (Williams, 2008). The theory of liberalism among states has been quite beneficent in providing state security in different approaches. 

Despite the fact that not all their beliefs are able to cover for all the violence and hostility taking place among countries, ideational liberalism and commercial liberalism aim at strengthening ties between countries using different approaches. Conflict is likely to arise in social identities and in the economic market as well but the main aim is to ensure that the economy acts as a peace producer among different countries with the same interests. Therefore, the theory of security is highly supported by the aspect of liberalism as it is quite progressive (Williams, 2008).

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