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Explaining if I have ever had an experience different from my own perception

Experience refers to direct view or participation in an event to become used to it. On the other hand own perception refers to a way of conceiving something or to be aware of an issue through own senses. Many are the times when we perceive things differently from what comes out through experience. This could be due to high ambitions compared to our reach.

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Reasons as to why Hume questioned the idea of mind.

He wanted to understand the cause of their belief and thus be able to give an explanation to this. He was able to come up with two sets of believes. 1) Relation of ideas which he explained it as being a belief which exists due to the relationship within the mind and had no external reference with the e environment.2) Matters of fact which he said that it's a belief which reports nature of the things in existence (Huxley 2008).

Explaining the meaning of viewing necessity as being something that is not in object but rather in mind and reasons as to why Hume advocated for it.

This meant that, an idea does not come from one having an experience of an event but rather through voluntary action, which arises from somewhere. He refers us back a formed habit which then leads to conviction which finally results to a necessity (Huxley 2008).

Explaining if the future can be like the past and explaining if one can be able to know it or just assume that it will resemble.

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The present and the future cannot be the same as the past. However, the past is just a given constant which to some extent determine what can possibly happen in the future and even in the present. If the future appears to be easily determined or known, this could just be because of the past events which have some influence over them.

Explaining if knowledge rises from experience now that it commences from it

It is of no doubt that knowledge commence with experience. However, not all arises from experience because it can be possible for knowledge to be generated from impression, cognition, and even unknown origins. This thus calls for serious investigation to find out knowledge that is independent from experience.

Arguing for or against the possibility of experiencing an event that is not either in the space or at a specific time

It is not possible to experience an event that is in space nor with time because, for an event to occur there is need for a person at a particular time to carry it out. Although the social practises of a man may not be confined to the event itself, it has some connection with the social life, political surrounding and finally in the practical part of life as a whole.

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Possibility of having extraterrestrial aliens experiencing things that are not in space or at specific time

It is possible to have extraterrestrial aliens experiencing things that are not in space or time; however, due to lack of enough evidence, most of the scientists and even professionals do not believe in such

Explaining if infants, cats, and fish have both experience and sensation

Infants have both experience and the sensation. They do experience pain as any other animal do. For animals such as cats and fish, they also have experience and feel when they are subjected to pain. However, the pain which the animals feel is different from that of human beings because we cannot get into them and be able to measure.

Clarifying the meaning and possibility of having knowledge in things themselves

Kant claimed that we can have knowledge of things in themselves. This phrase means that, a complex thing is made of simple elements. He went ahead to say that something has simple micro elements and such can be identified separately (Huxley 2008).

Meaning and the person who said that everything relays on picking the truth not just as Substance but also as Subject

This was stated in a tutorial and meant that, whatever was true, real was not only what was thought to be.

Comparison and contrast of David Hume and Immanuel Kant's casualty principle

Hume believed that knowledge was limited to experience. On the other hand, Kant believed that, it was limited to what one knew and saw. He claimed that their cannot be knowledge of things as they are independent from experience.

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