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Abu Dhabi police is the main law enforcement agency in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, which is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It was formed in 1957 by Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Its main task was to guard royal locations, markets, banks, and shopping places. Abu Dhabi is also the capital city and the center for political, industrial, and cultural activities. As a law enforcement agency, Abu Dhabi Police deals with various duties and responsibilities, like ensuring all citizens are safe, enforcing law, and ensuring the maintenance of law and order. Furthermore, the body is charged with maintaining security and safety, making roads safer, controlling crime, and adopting a more community centered approach with the aim of building confidence in the offered services and assisting Abu Dhabi in its endeavor to create an open, efficient and safe tourist and business environment (Ashridge Business School, n.d.). The police force works together with the government in order to achieve the common goal, that is, to reduce the level of crime in the society, as well as to promote public confidence.

As a global partner and a representative of the ministry of internal security, Abu Dhabi police works under the command of his highness Lieutenant General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is the prime minister and the minister of internal affairs. This makes it work closely with the local, national, and international agencies in order to contribute to the global stability and peace. The police unit knows that it cannot achieve much on its own; therefore, it incorporates other agencies for quality service. A number of core values, which include honesty, integrity, and respect for the human rights govern the police body in Abu Dhabi. This enables them to achieve the main objective of providing excellent public service.

The general directorate of the Abu Dhabi police Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, controls the police service, emergency services, and the correctional facility management. He is also a member of the ministry of the internal affairs in the United Arab Emirates. He has a duty of ensuring that the country enjoys low criminal rate, as well as high level of security. In the past five years, the country has not experienced any problems with increased crime rate or insecurity. His guidance in the police unit has helped improve the police force image; for instance, in 2009, they won the present for being the best police force in the Middle East. Furthermore, he has a legacy for his passion to preserve marine and wildlife for the future generations of the Emirates.

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The Abu Dhabi police force provides the Emirates community with a legitimate partner. This arises due to the force’s effectiveness in embracing their job. The effectiveness and efficiency is due to the use of advanced technology and excellent management practices. The police unit ensures that it is always at par with the latest technology for the safety of the state; for instance, in 2010 the police force deployed the Cisco Unified Communications technology solutions in its headquarters and all the branch offices in the UAE, the move was aimed at creating a safer society (Cisco The Network, n.d.). This has helped it achieve all its goals, which are adaptability, flexibility, and durability. It is also necessary to note that these three factors are highly considered as survival tactics in the police force. The community is always ready to help where necessary, especially in the case of regulating law and order and punishing criminals. The confidence of the community, as well as the state’s is crucial in the operations of the police force.

Similar to all the police forces in the world, Abu Dhabi Police force is not functioning without challenges. It is constantly faced with numerous difficulties. For instance, various challenges and changes in trends have forced the police force to enter into a new period and change all its strategies. The general directorate of the Abu Dhabi police Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan discovered that, despite the increase in the number of the police units, nothing changed. Therefore, he decided to come up with the organizational strategy that would increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of the unit. The strategy included developing long-term solutions to problems such as crime. This was to be achieved by ensuring that crime is addressed from the roots; this would create a better environment. The conditions that produce the crime are the key factors in promoting crime; thus, addressing these issues would be critical in combating crime.

The safety level of each country is the vital concern of all citizens. Abu Dhabi police ensures adherence of all the traffic rules and regulations for the sake of safe transportation. In order to achieve this, they set out patrol bases to ensure that all citizens are adhering to the set rules and regulations (Abu Dhabi Police, 2011). They do not only deal with the roads, but security in general; this is why they punish all the lawbreakers as a warning for their wrong deeds. In order to punish anybody, evidence must be present. Furthermore, the citizens are keen not to take the law into their own hands. Therefore, any offender has to pass through the judicial system before any punishment.

Abu Dhabi police has grown to know harmony more than the crime. Most of their work has changed from maintaining security and safety in the Emirates to the implementation of the best international practices. This practice includes the use of improved technology to administer their daily routine, as well to keep guard and protect the citizens. The society is friendly; therefore, it is easier for the police to gather the information they need, as the citizens are willing to cooperate. Nobody will be willing to commit any crime since everybody is on the lookout. It makes the community feel at ease with each other, as everyone is their brother’s keeper.

The incorporation of the best of the old and new ideas by the Abu Dhabi police yields the best results of whatever they do. The police unit has also proven its worth by creating the new record. The Abu Dhabi police force is so keen about the road safety awareness that they were awarded the Guinness world record. They had a seminar in the national theatre where the turnout was great. Here they taught people on various road safety measures advising them on what to do in case one was caught unaware with a problem. Brigadier Engineer Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi stated that the aim of the seminar was to educate people and improve the level of traffic safety in Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, the seminar aimed at promoting traffic culture in the different subdivisions of road users.

All police forces around the world encounter numerous challenges in their operations; however, Abu Dhabi Police’s main aim is to ensure the total satisfaction of the citizens’ needs. This precisely is the reason why most of the latest developments have improved the conditions of the common citizen. Something like designing a street manual, which ensures safety for the pedestrians, as well as educates them, has increased efficiency and reduced the duties performed by the police force. The police do not have to guide people since they can comfortably do so themselves. It has also improved the street environment and promoted safety.

In conclusion, Abu Dhabi being the capital of the United Arab Emirates has the police force that is entitled to various duties. They maintain security and safety in the Emirates, reduce crime, and eliminate the feeling of insecurity (Abu Dhabi Government, 2011). Furthermore, the police force is charged with ensuring road safety, and earning the confidence of the community and the state. The group is highly committed to the service of its country, and ensures that it does its best at all times. Therefore, it is important for all the police forces to learn how to be loyal in their service to the country and to the citizens.


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