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Bureaucracy can be defined as the use of non elected units by the central government to help implement the policies designed by the former. This mode of governance owes its origin to the stratified huge populace with diverse needs and geographically dispersed. Bigger populations and larger territories require a system that can easily access and understand the peculiarities of the inherent issues. Therefore, instituting bureaucratic units enhances public representation hence creating an avenue for a more intense and direct engagement with the electorate. Because the bureaucratic units are creations of the central government, the aspect of accountability is reinforced since the unit is answerable to a more higher authority. (James 32)

Bureaucracy found much relevance in the 20th Century in the western world because of the emerging social, political and economic needs which demanded a more comprehensive involvement of the electorate. Segmenting governance was identified as a way of navigating the bottleneck. The smaller legal administrative units would have the financial and technical capacity to address the needs of the relevant population segment. Following the global and regional wars that epitomized the 19th Century, much of the resources of many nations including the United States. Consequently, Western powers had the delicate act of satisfying their citizens’ needs. Equitable distribution of the remaining meager resources was envisaged only though these bureaucratic units.

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Based on the results of the world wars, the world considerably changed its perceptions of people. It was discovered that people who had specific causes could easily antagonize the human morals and values. Contrary to the past, the world started keeping a tub on the acquisition and use of arms. Only legally constituted armies were allowed to carry arms. Governments started creating a central pool in which the resources belonged to the state as opposed to the past where each person was responsible for their own tools of production.

Due to this consolidation of American social, political and economic resources, the cultural divide between the races has considerably closed. Both blacks and whites have stood for similar political values, culminating in the election of a black president. Several intermarriages, common social amenities; schools, sports facilities and other unitary socio-economic activities have all been instrumental in merging American cultures into an inextricable whole. Instead of emphasizing individual cultural attributes, there has been a focus on the fundamental values and believes that continue to unite American citizens. Freedom to exercise personal choice for maximum satisfaction is enshrined in the US constitution,. (Roth and Wittich 14)

But while the integration of American cultures have received considerable support, there does appear an obsession for the documentation, preservation and dissemination of individual cultures to the future generations.

Even though the contemporary comic film, Brazil is set in the 1930s, the plot and the episodes resonate with the America today. You only need to consider several conspiracies that have been reported in the media and through other watchdog agencies in the united states. It is a reminder that what we think and dream about can be so controlling that through the process of autosuggestion, we can find ourselves in real life executing the dominant thoughts. (Neil 45)

It also reflect the reality of non corporation with the bureaucracies by the citizens. This can possibly explain why only 30% of all crimes are reported to the authorities, translating to even a leaner number of apprehensions and subsequent convictions. Betrayals too is still rampant in America, just like it is in the film, Brazil.


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