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Affirmative action can be defined as the government program or policy that is usually designed with an aim of countering discrimination that minority groups as well as women faces in areas to do with education and employment. Affirmative actions play a crucial role in the society where it helps in bringing equality in provision of services as well as in distribution of resources in a given country. There various myths and beliefs that people have in relation to the affirmative actions.

One of the myth and belief held by people is that various affirmative actions that have employed by the government have not succeeded in raising the number of female as well as minority representation. Though research has shown that there some tremendous increases in the numbers of women and people from minority groups being employed or acquiring education among other things; the policies have not fully succeeded to increase the number of the people from the discriminated groups especially women. Secondly people belief those affirmative actions were necessary 30 years ago, where by they believe that the actions are not needed because women have fair playing grounds as men (Anderson &Terry,2004).

Another myth is that people are no longer in support of the affirmative actions. People are believed to be viewing these policies as being in favor of women thereby, giving them more opportunities than men. There is a myth that a huge number of white employees may end up losing their jobs if the affirmative actions are continued (Riccucci,2002). Finally some believes that there is no way one can cure women discrimination by creating another form of discrimination.

Although there various myths and beliefs in relation to affirmative actions I fully support the implementation of the various a policies designed to bring equality in our societies. The issue of giving a certain percentage of opportunities to women should be fully supported as it helps in brings fair representation of all groups of people in the society.


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