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``Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote`` Benjamin Franklin

In contemporary society, where in almost every country every person have a right to vote and choose a candidate who will represent him and his like-minded people, are increasingly coming to the low percentage turnout at elections. In the past, the people on the planet for decades and sometimes centuries fought for their rights, for democracy, and now, when they fought for it, seems to have given up the idea. Whether it is a human ‘curse’ (man is never satisfied with what he has, as far as he fought for something he will get bored quickly), or the reason is something completely different?

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            Government and Politics of the United States is based on the Constitution of the United States, written 1787th year.  The Constitution of 1787th is amended to date with several amendments. The first ten were adopted shortly after the founding of the Constitution. Collectively referred to as "List of Rights" (Bill of Rights), concerning the basic rights of U.S. citizens, such as the right to freedom of speech and religion.

Contrary to the old continent, in which ground for centuries people fought for their rights in the U.S.  from the beginning  democracy has been implanted in the human brain. Each of its presidents Americans were celebrated and they are certainly one of the few nations that does no tend to hate his own president. Simply, U.S. leaders throughout history have created the idea of unity and the people are led by that idea. People in the USA have always been satisfied with their leaders as much as possible and did not complain too much because in large case they had a solid life. And why is, despite all this, in the last time `trend ' not to vote?

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`` Throughout history, whenever citizens assembled to demand reforms of corrupt governments and institutions, the powers that be have done everything to distract the public from the actual problems and grievances.``-said one US citizen on the web forum. Many others share his opinion. Alexandre Debs  and  H.E. Goemans, professors at the Department of Political Science ,told in their research paper :``Compared to nondemocratic leaders, the tenure of democratic leaders depends relatively little on the war outcome, and democratic leaders fare relatively well after losing office. Thus, democratic leaders should be more willing and able to avoid war, especially with other democrats. ``

It seems that after the happiness and prosperity to which they are accustomed, people fall into depression after 10 years of great depression .They have started recovering and World War II begins. People are looking forward to returning troops from Cuba and Haiti, and they had to battle one more war. But, America is becoming a major supplier of money, and people are happy. Then follows a new war and people do not even feel them, until they realize how many of their soldiers were killed. The American people have become very dissatisfied.
The middle class that was previously almost do not exist anymore and people are angry that millions of dollars went to the arms. Leo Tolstoy: "The good cannot seize power, nor retain it; to do this man must love power. And the love of power is inconsistent with goodness; but quite consistent with the very opposite qualities — pride, cunning, cruelty."

Comes a new election, and people no longer have confidence in the candidates. They just do not believe that anyone can help them. Part of well-off people who are happy are voting for their candidates which previously put them in that high-class position, and the other part of wealthy people don`t even care about elections. There are also busy ones, who don`t have time to go and give their vote to anyone.

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One vote can decide of their future, and they should know it by know, but people seem not to believe that the elections are legitimate at all and that their vote can change something.

With all this, of course, goes boring campaign in which candidates always promise impossible, fulfill the unnecessary pulling all the  citizens energy  remaining from the already given promises  that went unfulfilled. There are also mass-media which candidates are skillfully using to best promote their campaign and their successes during the past mandate. Abraham Lincoln: ``With public sentiment nothing can fail: without it, nothing can succeed. Consequently, he who molds public sentiment does deeper than who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions. `` -  Douglas debate, July 31. 1858.

The people have become politically numbed, full of empathy for the voting. Many victims, the money spent on war instead of the people, rising crime, all this has affected people to not trust anybody anymore. People do not care who comes to power anymore. In the past when they believed their leaders, when they lived well, they couldn`t know that good life will haunt them now. And if the elections are legitimate and if their vote really means something in today modern democracy, to whom entrust their future and the future of their children, they wonder. Whom  to believe that they will not send their children to a new war, that their children will not starve for lack of money spent on weapons. Who can really guarantee a better future for their children, not create a great present for a bad future. Those are questions that every non-voting citizen of USA is questioning before elections. And as they don`t have a right answer, they prefer not-to vote.

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