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Imagine, for a moment, happy people. I do not mean the ones who promote happiness. I mean  truly happy people. Let us imagine that we get out of the house without fear of whether we locked the house well or turned on a security alarm.

            In my vision of an American dream everybody rushes to work, because everyone has one. Children are running around carefree without fright of angry drivers, and parents are relaxed because they know their children are safe. When people return from work, they have family lunch, retelling other family members daily adventures. They all laugh out loud, and they are happy. After the lunch, the father is reading his newspaper and mom is planting flowers, occasionally looking through window at kids throwing a ball to their dog.

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Can we imagine two lovers to walk safely at night, seating in the park or even going to some play? I imagine life without predators, drug dealers, the attacker and adolescents late at night. In my vision the life and the environment of all people excludes adversity, and all problems are solved within the family, with their support.

In this vision I also see parents who do not have to worry how they will educate their kids, because they know state will help them; sick persons are not afraid about lack of money for healing, but solely about the healing itself.  

            This is all my vision, but I am not far from reality. This is part of my American dream, and if all of us do our best, this dream can be realized.

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