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America as a political and social organization is dedicated to the scene of a cheerful America scenery. The point of being unhappy, as an American person is reproach in one’s society. We further see that individuals may be allowed to be unhappy, privately as long as does not reach a point of politically significant. This optimism functions are used as a starting place for maintaining positive opinions. Mass culture’s function is to maintain the morale of the public in that it creates optimism and also maintains public morale in that it maintains the pressure for the retaining of positive attitudes.

In the second part of the Godfather, the life of Vito Corleone is portrayed as his son expands the dynasty as he gets further deep into crime evolving from Lake Tahoe to Cuba. Moreover, it shows how he up to be a ruthless man obsessed with acquisition of power. We see that Michael puts himself in great peril through his act of vengeance for the shooting of his father through which he is welcomed and accepted as a Mafioso. After this, he is forced to move from Sicily and goes to live with a friend, dangers still follow him as a bomb that was intended to kill him kills his girlfriend. The Godfather portrays societal problems in an effective manner; it talks about issues such as immigration, but it also portrays ethnicity as a ‘problem’ from the point where they intend to maintain “Italian roots”. The role of women in the two movies is very minimal since the main role of the movie that dominates is mainly the male and the movie was released during a time when equity was an issue and women at those days, were considered of low status. When it comes to religion, The Godfather portrays the mobsters as people that feared no man, but only fear God. Religion is showed to be an integral aspect of the life of the members of the mob. Epic irony is portrayed in the movie since the men murder and then goes to church to seek forgiveness from with even scene on baptism (Francis 169).

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The principle in the gangster movie is that one must rise to success or is left as nothing with a build in character of brutality as a way of achieving success and its content. Success is defined as an unlimited possibility of violence. The actions of the gangster are an establishment through which the film creates the accord between itself and the audience is that man has the possibility of both failure and success. It is clear that in regard to the statement that, failure is a kind of death and that success is not only evil and dangerous but also unlawful, and impossible, it is evident that the gangster is predestined to doom because he is destined for success not because of his unlawful ways.

John Hess tells of the Corleone family not only as a business entity, but also about the interests of the family. Business was the most vital issue in this family in that the Don still took care of business even during his daughter’s wedding. On the basis of who was a better don in terms of money and assets, Michael takes up a better position that his father Vito. Vito was not interested in monetary value of certain favors and he gives favors’ on his daughter’s wedding day to friends whereas when it comes to Michael in social terms, he has failed since he has no friends and seems to only care about his deals more than anyone or anything else. In reference to history of real life mafias, besides the violence and the ruthlessness of the Mafioso’s such as Vito Corleone and Al Capone, they proved to always be men of honor and decency. Even though a tiny percentage of gangsters migrated from Italy, “The Mafia” is still one of the major expressions of the Italian American identity due to the influence of movies such as The Godfather (Puzo 23).

Michael had sworn that he would never follow the path that his father followed, but we see that it is not the case since he gets assimilated into the mafia business that he even ends up worse in terms of actions and involvement with other people. We see that he tells off Fredo as neither his friend nor his brother since he was so much assimilated in the works of being a mafia. It is plain that in The Godfather, race is one of the features that play a role in social construction in certain things such as the construction of the mafia structure in that as stated that they have to maintain ‘Italian roots’.


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