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In America like the rest of the world, voting is an important undertaking. Voting patterns are influenced by various factors. The most prominent factors include party identification, gender, race or ethnicity, age, income, education and ideology.The United States of America have two most dominant political partiesthe Republican and the Democratic Party. It is highly likely thatDemocratswill vote for a Democratic partyfor the rest of theirlife and the same applies to a Republican.

In terms of gender, both tend to vote influence by the factors that they feel affects them. Women issues are believed to be healthcare, education and civil rights while masculine issues that are considered by men are on national security, the economy and tax issues (Merrill III & Grofman, 2006).

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In the 2012 presidential elections race was a consideration of how the voters casted their votes. Black voters voted for the Democratic Party almost overwhelmingly, particularly because the democrat candidate is believed to have black origin. Majority of the Whites gave a substantial amount of their votes to the Democratic Party although the Republican Party still had a share from the white population.

The voters are another factor that influences the voting patterns of the population. Most of the Americanelites and affluent constitute the highest percentage of Republican strongholds. This pattern has been consistent for the last 4 consecutive elections. While the rich post-graduate voters remain on a 50-50 basis in terms of political loyalty (Gelman et al, 2009).

The education level of the voters is also a factor to consider in the way the Americans vote. In all levels of education most people preferred the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. This shows that the Democratic Party’s pledges were more appealing to the educated class. However, education factor produce a non-linear voting pattern that depends on individuals educational level.

According to a RESEARCH ARTICLE, (2013) an ideology a party sells to the public also determines how the votes will be cast. Ideology played a key role to the high number of votes the Democratic got compared to the Republican Party. This shows that the Democrats had a more appealing ideology compared to the Democrats.


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