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A party’s "platform" is its official statement of beliefs and values. It’s also known as the party manifesto. It’s a document which elaborates on party’s principles and aims. Most members of a political party – including its elected officials - have never read their party’s platform. A widely-held view among campaign professionals and political consultants is that a party’s platform can never help its candidates, but can hurt them if it contains provisions that are considered controversial by swing voters. A close examination of the 2012 platform of the Republican Party of Texas and the 2012 platform of the Texas Democratic Party, there are many similarities and differences.

Both the Republican Party of Texas and Texas Democratic Party platforms have got similarity in their stands on freedom and sovereignty of the individuals. The Republican Party believes in Preserving America the Texas Sovereignty and Freedom. This is similar to the Texas Democratic Party belief in personal freedom of the citizens without the government interference even in their private lives and personal decisions, liberty of the people to exercise their civil and human rights, and lastly freedom to religion and individual conscience.

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According to the democrats’ party, they believe in equal opportunity to all. This ranges to quality public education from childhood to college, accessible and affordable healthcare, good jobs, affordable homes and safe communities, clean air and drinking water and giving voice to the voiceless during elections. However, the Republican Party as much as they advocate for an educated population, they also give parents the freedom to choose education to their children

Both the Republican Party of Texas and Texas Democratic Party platforms believe in accountability and responsibility. In the Texas Democratic Party, they believe in responsibility of the citizens. Individuals should be accountable to their actions and responsibilities. Furthermore, it elaborates that responsibility comes in the form of people giving back to the community and public institutions given that they benefited from the state at one point in their life. They also stipulates that corporations should not be used as a shield by some people to run away from responsibilities because corporations are not people (Republican Party of Texas 2012)

Texas democratic party believe in unalienable rights to individuals whereby the majority cannot take away the right to vote, privacy and also the right to open, air participation in democratic process of representation. Moreover, the platform outlines the partys advocacy of the equal rights of the people as guarantee in section 3 of the Texas bill of rights. This is contrarily the republican party of Texas where it’s not stipulated in their platform. The republicans’ party platform stipulates that the Americans have the right to be safe everywhere including their homes, on their streets, and in their communities, and the unalienable right to defend themselves.

As a democrat candidate, this is a campaign boost to question their stand on democratic rights of the individuals and the citizens. The republican rights to citizens is social in nature compared to democrats rights which tend to be civil .However, the republican candidate may use the democrats beliefs on un alienated rights which does not recognize the majority rule to attack the manifesto.

Both parties believe in America, made of strong men and women who are able to defend and secure their nation using available means be it military or diplomatic means the democrats believe in Texas which is made stronger by individual strengths of the diverse population. Whereas the republicans believe in strict adherence of the original intent of independence declaration of US and the Texas constitution (Republic Party of Texas 2012)


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