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Communism has always been considered as the negativity in the world, but the communists will always have their basis to such argument. Communist can react to Martin’s philosophical questions of ontology, epistemology, axiology and teleological in the following way (Martin, 2006).


The communist, referring to the independent existence of matter would argue that what exists is the brain work of the humans (Engels, 1847). According to the general view of communists, humans are gods themselves because they have an ability to be creative, “Ye shall be as gods.”

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Due to the fact that humankind is intelligent, they can be able to acquire knowledge (Holmes and Hearn, 2010). “It is challenging to man when he is in a situation where there is the need to prove his acts that he is the mastermind of the Creation — by thinking on the action and by acting on it.”


The society determines the values that people learn, for it is the society which can be able to define what values are good or wicked. “Man feels that there is a challenge whenever there is a requirement to prove it by using the force of his logical mind to end the meaninglessness aspect of man’s history by giving it a purpose and a plan to act upon.”


Human actions cause the end of things. “If man’s mind is not equivalent to the issues of man’s development, chances are that man will sink back into savagery”.

In conclusion, a communist will declare that the world is how we perceive it and is not influenced by some divine powers. 


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