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Over the years there have been changes in every sector as peoples needs and values changes. As stated by the world value survey, our country's political field has greatly changed over the years. My beliefs started at a very young age where being born from a catholic family, I grew up treasuring Catholic values and doctrines. To add onto that, reading of various books increased my knowledge about other beliefs in a great way not forgetting my peers also played a role to shape my beliefs.

My high school history teachers were also a big influence to my political understanding as he concluded that many politicians are hypocrites in most of the political thing they say. Sometimes it could be set up in a way that it transmits a good message or idea, when in reality it is not. Also I learned through the media that sometimes politicians and political parties, they promise impossible things they will do, but they say it so that hopefully people buy into it and vote in their favor. When realistically they could never because it was just to deceit the people. Attending seminars and talking with well acquitted people also influenced my political stand.

When in a dilemma about something I talk it out with my peers or my lecturers in class. Priests are also influential to me as they will help us to do the right thing to people and to God. Moreover, Articles, journals and other materials written by others, in a great way they have widen my views and understanding hence they influence my decisions in a way. Although it is hard to know what is right and what is wrong, I just look on their opinions and then I do further research in internet in order to know the truth of the information mostly that which is political.

I also believe that some people are more political than others, because I feel that some people do not have the idea about advantages of politics hence they don't really participate. They think that as long as it does not affect them they are fine. But then they are also many people that are very much into politics, they like political issues and they like to take part in making a difference and being part of that. Moreover they know good governance is beneficial to all directly or indirectly. Thirdly, there is another group of people that are a little in to politics; this is where I classify myself to be. I am personally not that into politics, the closest I get to politics is voting. As I have never participated in any political elections nor am I a member of any club or group of politics. But I do believe that more people should involve themselves in political matters, because it is the unity and strength that we all have that drives our country ahead not the politicians' decisions.

Everything has its pros and cons. In political matters, the advantages of supporting a political party are usually to outdo the cons. The main advantage being that different political parties have varying beliefs, intentions and benefits. Hence one supporting a given party he supports that party that he knows will be beneficial to him or her if it makes the government. Supporting a party also lead to ones crucial need to follow the actions of that party to see if it is attaining it's promises and fulfilling its mandate hence making one more involved into politics and being updated on politics. For my own side I don't identify myself fully to a political party I just lean on the party that have a great promising future and that which have majority support. I move mostly with the crowd.

The cons of supporting a political party is that incase the party had promised to fulfill some obligation but they do not fulfill it one usually fills betrayed, hence leading to lack of interest on politics even if only some of the politicians are the ones not doing their work. Also It may lead to discrimination just incase most of those around a person are of another opposing political party. This may even lead to deaths if the election competition is too tight. Moreover the supporting is mostly linked with tribalism and racism where people support a party because of the politicians in it and how they are related with them but not because of the agenda and the promises they the party hold dear.

On home ground matters I do believe the U.S A political system is of great beneficial not only to me but to all citizens and non citizens. In that the system of having a democratic country with only two political parties, the republicans and the Democrats, leading to the political environment not going to either extreme of having many parties with different believes and that of having one party which may end up being like a dictator. Our political system has in a great way leaded to right decision making by use of the majority wins system. In support of this, in case of a bill in parliament, politicians are supposed to all agree or some agree while others disagree and the side that have most votes takes the day.

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In continuation of the same, U.S political system has lead to politicians not ending up dominating others. In that a president is elected after every four years and the president can only run for two times meaning that they cannot stay in office for long to mismanage or misuse the office powers. Also the political powers are greatly decentralized, in that no one has all the power to do certain thing hence one cannot misuse the power without others knowing of it.

For my side the U.S system is the best system that other countries should embraize. Reason being that the politicians that stand for elections are worthwhile people with qualifications and the procedure of voting politicians into offices are greatly electronized. Hence the fairest results come out meaning the people voted in the offices are the most deserving to hold those positions.

The U.S parties do greatly fulfill their obligations and promises they owe the citizens. They in a great way come up with laws that are effective and efficient in driving this nation to remain as the leading nation and protecting all citizens and the U.S land and property. The parties do in a great way involve citizens when needed to make laws and policies hence ensuring that they go in line with what many people would want. The availability of politicians who are expert in different fields have enable making of right decisions and in reduction employing experts.

To add on the same point, owing this country is governed by a constitution; I strongly believe that politicians do follow the constitution to letter and even go ahead to amend it as time changes and needs of people change. They moreover intervene in matters of other country that may affect U.S indirectly or directly hence avoiding the damages these matters may have on the country. Conclusion of this point the two parties let's say if the democrats are the ones in office, the other party, the republican do scrutinize all actions done by the democrats. They act as watchdogs for the citizens ensuring only the beneficial policies to citizens and indeed applied.

In the greatest way news media has played a great role in informing all people of what happening in the political environment. This has ensured that these political parties do the right things because at the end of the day all U.S people will know of it and that may affect their future benefits. The media has always been used as a tool to advertise and scrutinize all what politicians and the government do ensuring that people become aware of their politicians' actions and their believes and to add onto that their promises.

For my point, news media also informs me and keep me updated of what happening in political world, owing I have no interest and time to go to internet and political rallies to hear of what happening. The media also do tell us greatly during elections about the past of all the politicians standing to be elected into office hence helping choose the best politicians who will stand with my beliefs as I judge them by their past.

The freedoms given to media on the information they need to present do extensively help. In that from my view the media do really give the right information at the right time to the right people who require it. The quality of the information is extensively satisfactory and of the right quality. To support my point, the media when presenting politics, they greatly present the matters that in a great way affect us and that which we really need to know.

Media on my view performs it functions in a transparent way and the best democratic way not favoring any side mostly when dealing in political matters. During last elections the media was used as a tool to communicate what all politicians were promising and also on the point of educating people on the right politicians to vote in. Moreover, Media was used to follow up the elections in order to ensure there is no rigging at all. Hence to me media has played a great role in improvement of political field

U.S government has engaged experts in all fields to find better and easier ways of doing things in order to ensure better, quality and efficient results. Currently to curb problems of voting in inefficient and corrupted politicians, there has been installation of an electro voting system. Moreover, only qualified politicians are register to run for the various post being voted for. Consequently, the U.S system has installed various satellites to help in navigating information and knowing what other countries are doing in order as a super power nation to ensure no threat is directed to us in any way mostly by our enemies.

All universities in U.S.A have been installed with great technology for doing various researches which may lead to invention of new technology. On to this point, there has lead to discovery of new medicines of various diseases, new effective weapons like nuclear weapons, new out space discovery like of new planets and stars and even more effective and efficient machines. U.S now is trying to solve the problem of lack of petroleum oil in future and to solve this problem it is now buying a lot of oil and storing it for future purposes, to add to this it is even coming up with alternative sources of energy like wind energy and nitrogen energy.

For me, peace, development and democracy are the crucial elements that the U.S system should be concerned with. Up to now, the government has tried its best but there is still room for improvement mostly now when terrorism in the country is more likely to happen due to increased enemies. Still on the point of peace, the system has ensured continued ways of getting to solutions in any emerging situations in a peaceful way. This has been achieved by the constitution allowing governors to come up with new laws to solve emerging issues and also availability of power as a country to control other countries.

On the point of development, the system has allowed the country to remain a super power but not the most developed. Hence I do believe that the system is lacking a little bit and something needs to be done before other countries like Russia and China overtake us. We are still greatly developing even there has been brain washing of experts and geniuses from third world countries in order to ensure we fully develop in the fastest way possible. A real example to support that we are developing in a great way, is where in recent times communication industry has really improve in that it has come up with effective and efficient ways of communicating. Like provision of 4g internet system, I pads and digital electronic machines ensuring better and faster flow of information.

For democracy as I stated earlier, it has been greatly improved in that earlier women and people of some ethnic or race were usually seen as minority hence deemed as inefficient to rule or to be leaders. But right now everybody is equal to the other one and discrimination has come to an end just as stated by Martin Luther King's dream. In earlier decades people were not given the rights and freedoms they ever wished for but right now even gay people have freedom to marry and even Arabic people to become citizens of this country.

Political culture is the way this countries' political environment has civilized over the years. Political communication is the manner political information is transmitted from one generation to another or from one location to another. The relationship the political culture has with political communication and institution performance is that political culture has been maintained by political communication which is greatly taught by institutions. The political culture of U.S has been taught to upcoming generations through the various learning institutions and hence they are able to learn this culture and maintain it and even be able to teach the future generation to come.

In my own view U.S democracy has greatly grown and it is in its best position hence not in crisis at all. In support of this, application of electronic mode of voting all over the country has ensured no corruption or rigging hence the majority wins. Involvement of various institutions in making policies also ensures the views of many are considered hence ensuring no favors of a few. Moreover, widely spread of education and campaign on ending of racialism, tribalism and discrimination has lead to people voting in people for their merits and performances hence resulting to the country being lead by the best.

I do strongly believe for the many centuries this country has being independent, has greatly helped coming up with the best system that ensures fairest and the best to all citizens and non-citizens of U.S.A. Hence the countries that continue engaging in corruption, political wars and insecurity, should embrace our system and implement it accordingly and I am assured they will definitely see a change. God bless America.


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