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An insight into the study of political developments and maintenances in the Mexican republic is most definitely bound to ignite a series of double standards but all the same Mexico has managed to overcome many political challenges. These developments in political scenario have been embodied in the political liberation of the mid 19th century. Most outstanding is the Mexican revolution in the 20th century. The latter successfully culminated with the making of a politically stable nation which has become the envy of most Latin American countries (Skidmore, 46).

In defining the political position of Mexico it is increasingly becoming clear that the involvement of the United States is unavoidable. Despite waging war against each other, possibly in contention of the 2000 miles north border, they have united to fight common obstacles and America has over the years hosted immigrants from Mexico. Although they are mainly a source of cheap labor, these immigrants remit billions back home. The success stints that characterized the economy especially after the 1968 Olympics held in the country can be attributed to the fact that the state operated under complete autonomy from other sectors.

For instance the political class of the time comprised of professional people who pursued a career in politics. Majority did not have aristocratic connections and they never came from wealthy influential backgrounds. This implied that the state had no interference from the private sector and thus it enjoyed the desired freedom and consequential success in controlling the economy. Nevertheless the economic growth at this time only favored the rich as the poor were sidelined further.

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At the end of Echeverria's rule in 1976, the economic mileage had suddenly changed into an inflation issue. By the time Jose Portillo took over the economy was considerably in a shambles owing to an inflation rate that had climbed to 30 percent. Portillo was in fact the finance minister under his predecessor and truly understood that despite the rate being quite favorable according to Latin American values, for Mexico it was definitely a major cause for concern (Skidmore, 67). This change in the economic atmosphere at the time was greatly attributed to inclination of the government in pleasing the masses and the international community by employing inflationary ideologies when things were not working out for them.

In the 1980s the US once again asserted its sense of influence on Mexican politics by means of a policy that was meant to check the legitimacy of Mexican immigrants working in the US. This was done by imposing harsh penalties on Employers who recruited immigrants on unofficial circumstances. This led to a change in perception of the many Mexican youth who had their eyes on America for employment and economic impasse experienced in Mexico in the 1980s. During this period, the country also witnessed a series of investment declines, increasing unemployment and a 9 percent reduction in per capita income.

Contrary to the manner in which the problem would have solved in other countries, the Mexican government never resorted to insidious and dictatorial tactics on its masses. Available avenues for solution such as freedom for private investors, tactical prowess, controlled competition and movement of her working class made sure that the implications on its citizens were favorable and no friction could arise. These factors count in trying to outline the continuous harmony in the political atmosphere in Mexico despite evident challenges.

A change in the political undertakings was once again materialized in the election of Salinas into presidency. He opted to privatize most state owned businesses that had been nationalized by Lopez Portillo including banking and communication industries that were so sacred. Again by inviting the support of US, Salinas focused on debt reduction policies encrypted in an agreement. The government also assisted local investors by providing them with basic resources for self help groups throughout the nation. Due to these developments the economy began picking up again with inflation rates decreasing to 20 percent and the GDP rose to 3.9 percent as in 1990.

As Salinas term came to a close his handpicked candidate was assassinated and he quickly chose a second one known as Ernesto Zedillo. Despite having less contact with members of the political Elite Zedillo could not withstand the political atmosphere in the country with his policies proving ineffective. These turbulent times in Mexican history were attributed to the idea of handpicking presidential candidates by the incumbent as opposed to organized structures in party nominations. The events led to proper nominations in PRI and the eventual historic elections of the year 2000.

The coming of free and fair presidential elections did not necessarily mean that Mexico was headed for complete democratization since there were strains of authoritarian ideologies still rooted in its system. This meant that the intertwining of democratic and non democratic ideologies was posed to cause more confusion in the political structure of the country. The judiciary and police were evidently corrupt and human rights were sometimes abused to extreme levels. This change was therefore a blessing in disguise but nevertheless it marked a great stride towards achievement in the eyes of the average Mexican.

In conclusion, the confusions and inefficiencies displayed throughout the Mexican history since the revolution can be overshadowed by the fact that the state has been able to stand out as compared to other Latin America states. Influence from US, freedom for the private sectors and non dictatorial moves on the citizens have all played part in maintaining a stable Mexico amidst challenges. The war on drugs cartel is the latest challenge but will certainly be dealt with considering the countries tactics on inviting harmony amongst the masses.


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