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The civil war was a major turning point both in the political and social way of life. Great military policies and technology advancements came up after the civil war. During and before the onset of the civil war, the soldiers used muskets that held only one bullet. The bullets did not hit a range farther than 250 yards. Telegraphs, railroads, balloons submarines, and repeaters were invented.

The innovation of the new weapons changed the fighting policies of the military officers. Riffles were more accurate and they had to built terraces to protect themselves as the Minie’ balls bullets were accurate and deadlier. Repeaters could fire more shots in a second. The innovations of these new machines were not readily accepted by the military. There was fear of experimenting with the new machinery in the fighting fields, (Haydon, 345).

These changes in technology changed the way the military fought. Abraham Lincoln was able to communicate with his officers on the field using the telegraph. The U.S developed a military telegram that sent messages throughout the battlefields making the military work much easier. During the civil war, the blacks were not allowed to participate n any war this was a policy that was strictly followed.

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This changed after the civil war when the British accepted the blacks who were willing to join the military. This forced the U. S military to change their policies and accept them as the numbers of men in their troops were reducing. However, their acceptance onto the military did not mean that they could fight in the same grounds as the white soldiers. They were sent on support role missions. This remained as the official policy until the beginning of world war two when it became clear that the black Americans performed well in the fields. Continued warfare between the blacks and the whites due to racial discrimination led to the integration of all the races in the military. The white officers agreed to work with the blacks, but refused to eat in the same mess or sleep in the same tents, (Grimsley, 201).

The U. S. applied the imperialism policy in their war against the Spaniards in the 1898 war. They went into war to protect their interest in the Chinese markets and Asia. The Americans used speed to win the war with minimum losses and few casualties. The use of the naval force with its modern equipments made the war against the Mexicans very easy for the Americans. The Americans wanted to acquire an informal coaling station.

The Americans went into war with the Philippines because of the native resistance. The Americans declared the Philippines a permanent U. S colony. The Americans wanted to conquer archipelago, which was an ideal point in the onset of a trading relationship with the Chinese. The Americans used a lot of force in acquiring this new colony. Military personnel waged a total destruction to the local communities who tried to resist their invasion. Twenty thousand Filipinos lost their lives in the war. This was a clear evidence of the U. S. imperialism policy. The Filipinos used the quarreler warfare systems with inferior equipments while the U. S militants used modern equipments. The Americans however hanged most of the insurgents, (Green, 98).

The U.S. emerged the most powerful country in the world at the beginning of the twentieth century. Being the most powerful country in terms of military power and economically has forced the United States to be prepared to help the nations who need their support. The war between America and Spain served as an experience and forced them to increase guard in their coastal regions. Modern seacoast defense measures have been put in place for protection against external attack. The American military relies heavily on modern weapons. This is because they require this to protect the countries, which are politically unstable, and to ensure that the countries that benefit them are well guarded.


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