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Corruption is a vice that has become extremely common in the world today. This vice has seriously affected the economy and resulted in misappropriation of public resources. Many nations have put in place policies to address this problem. However, to some nations these policies have not changed the situations because of lack of commitment by government in enforcing the set policies. Corruption is defined as the abuse of power for personal gain. People may commit this vice because of greed; they want the public resources to satisfy their own needs. This term is very broad, and people perceive it differently, and thus politicians and civil society have a different definition of the term. Although there are some practices that have been defined to constitute corrupt practices, still corruption is extraordinarily broad and encompass may practices that can not be exclusively be defined.

Problem Statement

            Corrupt practices have become rampant in government institutions with the public offices and institutions leading. However, of the greatest concern is the behavior of politicians in their offices. Concerns have been raised touching the conduct of politicians and their effort in making sure that they continue to be an office bearer. This essay seeks to address the argument; all politicians corrupt and do not care what happens to the people they represent as long as they stay in the office.

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            There is an argument that politics is a dirty game that whoever plays it then one must enter with his hands soiled. However, I disagree that all politicians are corrupt and can do anything provided they stay in power. This is because there some politicians who behave accordingly to the public expectations. They do not act in a manner that contravene the public ethics, and they conceded defeat if voted out because they respect the public opinion. Therefore, even if the majority of them may be corrupt and careless about those who elected them, there are exemplary that will live to the public expectations.

            Secondly, a politician some politicians may be corrupt but cares about the people who elected them. A politician may commit a corruption crime in an attempt to help the people he represents. For example, when a politician uses his power to influence the distribution of more resources to the area he serves, which may not be in line with the policy. In this case, he is corrupt but due to the desire to protect his subject.

            On the other side, the argument might be true given the nature of, corrupt practices are numerous, and one might commit corruption without his conscience. In addition, many corruption cases are unnoticed because those who commit the act do it with caution. The corrupt politicians always have there mechanism that protect any information of their conduct from leaking to the public. If this is the case, then all politicians might be very corrupt individual with no consideration of those who elected them to the office.

            Depending on availability of records, information, and the way the word corruption is defined, one can tell who is and who is not corrupt. Basing the argument on how the politicians conduct their parliament debate. It is clear that the majority do not care the interest of a common citizen. For example, they tend to take a long time to reach a consensus as to whether to allow wage increment of workers. However, if the discussion is touching issues of increasing their wages then they agree without wastage of time. This is a clear indication that politicians give their needs priority over the needs of the people they are representing.


The matter of corruption of politicians and their commitment to the people that elected them. Differ across nations. This is because different nation have different policies of addressing corruption and accountability of the politicians to the electorate. Therefore, corruption and accountability can not be summarized to represent the expectation of the world at large.


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