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President Ho Chi-minh’s speech of 1945, “The Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Vietnam,” introduced the equal opportunity to all citizens in Vietnam. Ho Chi-minh stated that all men must be treated equally, since they were created equal by God. The men possess rights from their creator that includes rights to live or rights towards life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 1The speech went further by illustrating that people should be looked at like any other creature; instead they should also have a right to be happy and free (Hsia, 2000). The unity of his provision Government that represented the whole population of Vietnam united to break off all relations with the French people and abolished all the special rights the French had unlawfully acquired in their fatherland.

This speech made the Vietnam to be free and independence. It was free from the intimidations caused by the French people. 3 The speech brought the introduction of the international relations in Vietnam (Martin, 2004). The European decolonization tripled the membership of the Vietnam citizens. About 70 percent of the Vietnam was under the European colonization. Their spread of political and economic control proved to be an expansion of the colonization system which became completely harsh in the Vietnam state. Today the international relations in Vietnam are the international problem that affects the lives of virtually everybody, whether they realize it or not.

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This also illustrates that the Vietnam’s politics must accommodate a range and variety of people that are far more diverse, in terms of their cultures, religions, languages, ideologies, and forms of government, military capacity, technological sophistication and the levels of economic development, than ever before. That is a fundamental change to the Vietnam as a whole and a fundamental challenge for some citizens who were born in the early 20th century. Many important questions in the President Ho Chi-minh’s speech are connected with the theory and practice of sovereign statehood of the Vietnam which, as indicated, is the central historical institution of the country’s politics.

But there are other important issues as well, that has led to ongoing debates about the proper scope of Vietnam. 2At one extreme, the speech focus is exclusively on Vietnam and its citizens relations; but at another extreme the speech includes almost everything that has to do with human relations in Vietnam (Smith, 2001). It is important for us to understand these different perspectives if we hope to have a balanced and rounded knowledge of President Ho Chi-minh’s speech of 1945. Literacy, the speech has enabled the government of Vietnam increase the capacity of their state and expands their activities into more and more specialized spheres of society and economy.

It has cut both ways, of course, because highly educated people do not like being told what to think or what to do. Changing cultural values and ideas have affected not only the foreign policy of Vietnam but also the shape and direction of international relations. For example, the ideologies of anti-racism and anti- imperialism that were first articulated by intellectuals in Western countries eventually undermined the Western empires in Vietnam, and it helped bring about the decolonization process by making the moral justification of colonization increasingly difficult and eventually impossible.

In conclusion, the examples of the impact of social change on international relations are almost endless in their number and variety. However, this should suffice to make the point that President Ho Chi-minh’s speech of 1945 has affected Vietnam and its system. The relationship is undoubtedly reversible: Vietnam system also has an impact on politics, economics, science, technology, education and culture. But in all, it can be stated that the speech brought equality to all citizens of the Vietnam and it made them free to decide on their own.


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