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Politics can be seen as the process by which people make a collective action or the group of individuals makes decisions collectively (Adamic, L, 1999; Granovetter, 2005). Politics applicable mostly in civil governments and set up of lives, the same concept is seen in behavior of people who interact and diverse groups of people. Politics has been seen played in corporations, religious set up and even academic spheres (Cederman, 2003). Politics involves the social interactions and relations between authorities and those in power commonly referred to as the political class. The general regulation is attained by regulating the political unit mostly through the implementation of policies that are formulated by them members of the group or people in the caliber.

Reforms usually entail discussion and dialogue at different levels where the scope and role of the government especially in the current modern democracy where a clear distinction is well defined on the role of citizens who may be looked as the passive beneficiaries of the government services and the astute consumers of the services. The two groups are distinctive in nature in such a way that the fist group has limited choices whereas the second one has enormous options to chose from. The profound social changes and adjustments must be taken into account by those in government especially when formulating the policies.

When looking at the Cooperative federalism we explore at a system where the government involves the public in decision making with an attempt to improve the relationship between the public and the government and also address the challenges affecting service delivery. Such a system also can be considered more open where the government openly involves the public in negotiation of the code of conduct that will govern the operations aimed at serving the nation.


Politics are shaping the day to day life of many sectors of human life. From the school or the education system, we politics playing a vital role on the students are taught or learn and also determine how much the teachers are teaching the students. The curriculum is some designed in a way such that some interests are protected or a given idea is being taught which may be aimed at creating at a general of individuals geared towards addressing a specific type of challenge. We can clearly see the segmentation and the class difference that emerges based on the kind of education one has acquired. We see lawyers forming their own club of jurists, doctors advocating to their view to life whereas the religious leaders also advocate for their case in all spheres. The education system also depicts the political influence in such a way that people pursuing different line of taught tend to differ with others points of view. The differences have so degenerated to an extent that the young ones are “poisoned” at tender age of the consequences of pursuing a given line of thought. Such kind of incidences have had impacts especially in an attempt of nurturing a generation that will look at the world as an avenue where global harmony can be nurtured without discrimination that is not based on ions mindset.

Looking at the religious arguments presented by different religions, the influence of politics is very evident. We have seen the emergency of so many religious sects each with an aim of protecting its interest. Christians initially advocated for the creation of the world where mankind will leave in harmony. Though considered the oldest religion in the planet we have seen politics playing a bigger role in unraveling the deeper undoing’s that the church might have or is doing in this time and age.

We have witnessed the disintegration of the Christian fraternity ion different blocks. The emergency of the Salvation Army is purely seen as an attempt of the initiator to protect his own interest and advocate for his views to the masses and this conviction led to the emergence of various followers who were interested in pursuing the vision.  We also have the emergency of the Seventh day Adventist who is seen to have differed with the majority of the major Christian wings on principle and they opted to stick to some conservative perceptions to various concepts of the early Christianity. Still the religious fraternity we see the existence of the Roman and Anglican Catholics. All this are ideologies that differed in principle and they honorably opted to part ways and advocate for each believes. All this various lines of thoughts stamped their authority by obliging their followers to subscribe to some believe and traditions that binds them to the line of thought of the founding fathers of the various religions.

The other examples in the Christian circle is the existence of various groups such as the many protestants groups each with something peculiar about them separating them and most just separated by names but practice the same set of believers and subscribe to same faith.

We have witnessed the religious battles that are politically instigated. The war between the Muslim and the Jews is all politics. The perpetrators of the varied views that is driving the wars is a well calculated argument that is well engrossed in the norms and beliefs of the various parties and it is taught from generation to generation  and we have seen the war especially against the Jews being well executed by many that fight against them.

We can remember the Nazism case where the objective of the subscribers to the Nazism aimed at wiping out the Jews in the world. Many Jews lost their lives and many decade onwards even after the globalizations and many global treaties signed aimed at protecting the human life, we are witnessing the wars in the west bank. The battle between the Jews and the Muslim groups in Afghanistan and the neighboring nations in Middle East is purely politics where a few interested parties are creating market for their products. Some of the main items playing role in such instances include the war weapons, the fuel or oil, the market for the products in the name of relief food and even Medicare. The religious battles have presented another twist to the politics in the world.

Taking cases in developing world and some of the developed countries, in instances where people have lost trust in the existing system of governance; there is emergence of groups that would like to claim independence from the existing system. We have witnessed this in religious cases where the varying views on the aspect of celibacy seeing the emergence of another group of catholic Bishops who would like to deviate from the long held tradition. We now have Bishops who are commanding a significant following across the globe especially with the modern generation of Christians. We are also witnessing the cases where the Homosexuality and lesbianism is openly tolerated in churches.

The Christian moral arguments that initially illegalized the acts is seen to be fast fading and we are witnessing many offering an olive leave to those considered to be deviant cases to join the bandwagon.

There are gangs that have opted to operate of take charge of various key sectors that usually the government is supposed to provide to the citizens in any nation. The gangs operate in critical positions where their leaders may have vested interest such as rich oil mine and operate as offering security at a fee to residents. All this cases are not driven nothing less than their self interest and their believe on the kind of the idea social system they would like to see in place. Governments have been overthrown where the citizens have never been satisfied with the services they receive in return for their loyalty and trust in the state.

Politics are defining the kind of relationship people are establishing in various spheres of life. We are witnessing alliances being formed in various sectors of the economies. We have also witnessed the mergers of the world leading businesses which is aimed at protecting the interest of the key stakeholders. The aspect of class has seen the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor. This is well shown by instances where the policy makers are formulating policies aimed at protecting the interest of the elite few.

The world is facing the challenge of attaining the millennium development goals that has proved to be so elusive. The leaders in most of the developed nations are pledging their support in helping the achievement of the MDG`s but a close scrutiny shows some enormous conditions attached to such pledges some aimed at expanding their business territories and also create more empires for the involved countries.

We have the cases where countries are lend money by some of the developed countries and due to the misappropriation by the state or the corrupt individuals we have seen the debts being written off. Most of the corrupt officials who may have misused the funds are found to be doing business in some of these developed countries.

Even though they pledge in the help to fight corruption, very few countries are walking the talk. The same officials form alliances with the corrupt individuals and this has seen many empty promises being dished out that cannot be delivered upon.

Recently the world super powers experienced some unprecedented economic meltdown that threatened to bring most of the economies on their knees. During the recession so many sectors of the economy were affected. Many people lost their jobs, most companies went down. The health sector was affected where the many people were unable to afford the healthcare services. We witnessed the insurance companies closing down and one notable example was the AIG insurance that had stakes in most countries across the globe winding down and causing so many losses to the companies that had insured with it (Granovetter, 2009).

Despite all this happenings still the small person down the economic ladder felt the pinch of the events and this led to many losing their jobs and general socio-economic status of the majority of the population deteriorated (von, 1995).

The economic stimulus package that was aimed at saving some of the economies that were falling was one such step that was on the right track though the target group was the few well established business empires that had impact on the political spheres in the world. The concept worked in a small scale in attempt to curb the repercussions of the decisions that created such an artificial crisis that threatened and brought down the economic giants in the world.

The effects were so enormous that the world leading economies had to reduce on the amount of contribution to the developing countries and charity organizations and this led to major many cases of hunger reported and also the increase in the populations that was threatened by the effects of extreme poverty.

Natural disasters that have threatened to clear the human population in the world have not been spared the effects of politics. Politics have had their input in handling crisis either in terms of the forest fires, oil spills, the earthquakes, the floods and other natural calamities. Of great interest is the case of the Haiti earthquake where almost the whole country was washed away and the subsequent state of emergency declared by the country leadership.

Volunteers and humanitarian aid was offered aimed at averting the potential crisis that the affected population is likely to face (Fan, 2008). Despite the record breaking contributions made by many organizations across the globe, the reports doing around the media indicated that the government was doing very little in helping in averting or rescuing the situation. In such instances we see the government policies that are detrimental to the citizens instead of the policies opening up for the humanitarian aid to be able to reach out the affected population.

Another instance worth not8ing is a case of the post- election violence that is synonymous with African states election. In Kenya after the 2007 election, it is reported that the government agencies were involved in planning the attacks that were carried out by the militia groups in some parts of the country. The effects of the events saw more than 1,500 people killed and over 360,000 people displaced (Dautrich, 2009). After the agreement of the coalition government by the opposing parties, the country still has internally displaced persons three years after the formation of the coalition government. Though cases of corruption have been rampant, the country is yet to pick up itself from the effects of the vents of early 2008.

The Kenyan situation shows the weird dimension of the leadership or the players in the political arena. The elite groups will always try to protect their interest at all cost even if they have to risk the members of their community, family or society. The Kenyan case saw most of the country`s population targeting one main group which was looked at as the main traitor in the country and the dominant group that was suppressing others. In fact it will be interesting to see the same people who were mobilizing the people to fight being found in the same golf club playing together or officiating a ground breaking ceremony. Though all this can be seen to be the public relation exercise, the selfish interests driving individuals to politics is the quest for power and the pursuance of the personal interest (Pennock, 2003).

The world is having shortage of leadership. That caliber of individuals that is willing to serve the people. What we witness in this time and age are puppets of the powerful group of individuals pursuing their interests. There is evidence where such leaders have been sacrificed especially whenever they get into power with an intention to serve the people. The United States is rich in history of such leaders, we remember Martin Luther King who was assassinated, and among others the recent case was the public fixing of the sex allegation to the leaders who had the interest of the people in the name of the President Bill Clinton (Nelson, 2007). President was investigated in several scandals that all did not have the moral basis. He was accused of drug trafficking along the border with Mexico and also the famous sex scandal with his secretary, Monica (Hindman, 2008; Shirky, 2003).

In fact media was paid to ensure that the story sales so that the public loses the trust in Bill and this led to the investigation where the powerful cartel managed to have their own favorite investigate the case and as expected the jury was not going to be fair. After investigation and settling down of the dust, one of the main media person that was paid to do the mudslinging came out in one of the interviews and admitted that the whole story was a well orchestrated affair that aimed at getting Bill from power and true to their interest they succeeded. Many still believe that the election of the current president of the United States, Barrack Obama is a well orchestrated move that is aimed at relieving the world of the violence incidence especially the unjustified war that led to the ousting and subsequent killing of Saddam Hussein. The Iraq invasion is one memorable feature that showed the ugliness of the politics, the attempts to sell the idea that Saddam had weapons of Mass destruction led to global cry on the peaceful initiatives. We have witnessed some defiant countries like Iran and North Korea that have refused to yield to pressure from other countries to abandon their effort to arm themselves.

Politics is also driving the sales in various sectors. We have witnessed people making a kill virtually from nothing. The cases of manipulation of the stock markets have led to many well connected individuals making a lot of money and others suffering losses in the world stock market.  The case of internal trading has also led to questioning of the credibility of such systems and whether they can be trusted for a healthy business.

The issue of really estate has led to the emergence of real estate Guru who generally commands the value of properties all over the world. The group of the same individuals with interest and ability to influence have managed to arm twist some government in some countries to formulate policies that are favorable for them to do business. This has led to the rise of slum dwellers in most of the urban setting. Such kind discrimination has led to the rise in the crime rate and the general insecurity globally and mostly in urban setting.

Though most of these groups of individuals are allowed into any country with the title of being a potential investor, research has shown that their interests are usually beyond what they write on paper during the entry. We have witnessed cases where the individuals with very worrying records gaining access to countries. In principle, corruption and politics seem to be the order of the current world order.

Another aspect that has really gotten the political dimension worthy sharing is the issue of climate change. The whole world is struggling in coming in terms with the effects that the climate change has resulted too. The case of floods are alarming, the statics on the temperature changes, the rise in sea level as a result of the melting ice and many more extreme reports shows some cases that require the genuine political will to fix.

At the moment the rate of the diminishing of the arable land is very high and most of the arable land is becoming arid and semi arid (ASAL). Most of the human population relies on the agricultural products for their life. Over 80 % of the economy in sub Saharan Africa relies on agriculture either directly or indirectly. The reduction in producti9ve land and the unwillingness of the government to take the political will in seeking the alternative modes of producing food hassled to the increase in the world population that is hungry. The dangers caused by hunger is likely to affect the future generation as most of the populous generation are mostly the population that is not able to have access to the right nutritional value food and the kids are likely to suffer malnutrition related illness and thus retarded growth or mental unproductive.

This is another challenge the MDG`s efforts are facing. Addressing the challenges brought about by the global warming and the subsequent climate change requires the collective action of the top leadership. The recent inability to make any binding commitment on the road map to reduce the carbon emission is one of the incidences that shows how selfish interest have infiltrated the key decision making bodies to ensure their interest are secured.

The failure in Copenhagen to arrive in anything led many concerned parties to rethink of their strategy in addressing the effects of global warming. It is hoped that the subsequent follow up meeting in Mexico will be able to bring together the differing views that scattered the initial efforts into fruition. The rise in the level of the global temperature is a result of the increase in carbon dioxide in the sphere. The continuous destruction of the catchment areas has also reduced the carbon sinks that natural forests were offering. The increase in human population also has an effect on the pressure on natural resources available and this will also require the political will to address the emanating challenges.


Crucially viewed the strategies employed by the public administration should be aimed at hindering or helping in attaining the societal harmony, create an acceptable relationship between the government and the public or citizens, offer an avenue where there is a system that guarantees delivery of public goods and community services, address the challenges of poverty and corruption that most governments suffer from, creation of employment strategies and many more.

Politics may be useful or can have detrimental effects on the people in power and those subject to subscribe to the ideas. It should be a matter of playing around with an aim of gaining a win-win situation for any politicians to succeed. Politicians present themselves in various forms and the most powerful forces usually opt to work in the background and usually present a “savior” who will be able to be easily accepted by the masses who will ultimately act as the puppet in pursuing the interest of the key players in the arena. Politics exist in various forms and the mastery of human psychology is what is driving those with interest in pursuing the game in this field. The game may be dirty but it is possible to have a clean a bloodless political career. In all walks of life we encounter politics. In hospitals, in our various occupations. The politics of language is seen as the main driving forces on the various forms of politics in existence and the ability to pass the message and win followers has been the key success secrets to many gurus in both the sales and the deal negotiators for the players.


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