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To begin with, Italy has a complex kind of political system. In this sense, the politics are based on the parliamentary, multiparty system and the democratic republic systems. So to speak, the power of the executive is perpetuated by the council of ministers under the leadership of the president of the council. In line with this, the primary legislative power is vested in the parliament and the secondary one in the council of the ministers (Leonardi, Fedele, & Nanetti, 1996).The judiciary is in such a way that it is independent of the executive and the legislative branches accordingly.

Being a democratic republic, Italy achieved the democracy in 1946 after the abolition of the monarchy by the popular referendum. This was followed by a dissemination of the constitution in the year 1948. It also follows that in Italia political system, the president is the head of state, a position that is separate from all other braches of the government. Again, as the head of state, the president is entitled to the obligation of representing the unity of the nation just as it was with the king of Italy. The appointment of the president is carried out by lawmakers. The president is responsible for appointing the executive being the president of the judiciary altogether.

Again, he is the commander-in-Chief of the armed forces just as it is the case in the US. In the same line of thought, the president of republic is elected by an electoral collage composed of 58 regional representatives and the both houses of parliament. For those involved in the political process, the president acts as their guarantee since he stays away from any political debates (Leonardi, Fedele, & Nanetti, 1996). The president also has been mandated with power to decline anti-constitutional laws by signing them. In addition, the president is obligated with the power to appoint the council of ministers along with their president who is the prime minister. Practically, the president can be advised by the prime minster on the cabinet and approves it through a vote of confidence by both parliamentary houses. Given to the government of Italy is the power to issue decrees. Moreover, the government of Italy is run by the prime minister through the cabinet.

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Having presented the overview of the politics in Italy, it is prerequisite to bring into view the role that Italy plays in the European Union (EU). In connection to this, Italy has contributed so much in eradicating the border barriers resulting to the European Union. This is to suggest that Italy has played a major role in constructing a united Europe. For instance, the signing of EEC and the Euratom Treaties in Rome in 1957 was preceded by Italy. This role was played by Italy earlier in Manifesto for European Federalism when Altiero Spinelli and Ernesto Rossi laid it down.

Thus Italy has played a great role by hosting great events that contributed to the European Union. Accordingly, Italy as a founding member of the European Union, greatly contributed to the development of the community of the states and the people. It has also played a major role in intervening in crisis and peace making treaties. Moreover, it has contributed in both economically and politically to the foundation of the EU (Hooghe & Marks, 2001). Since Europe had been earlier on known for bloodshed and war that led to great loss of lives, the only way to overcome this challenge was only through the formation of the EU.

From another point of view, Italy has a political system that is well described by many parties. As such, several parties operate in Italy. There has been a variety of the parties since time in memorial. Over time and even now, Italy has been having several parties working in coalition and without one party ruling solely. This narrows the political borders making it a democratic political party system that seeks for peace and union. Just to mention a few of the parties, there are parties like, center right people of Freedom and Lega Nord. Again, there is centre left opposition consisting of Democratic Party inclusive of Italian radicals and Italy values. Outside the two major coalitions are the Union of Christians and centre democrats and the Alliance for Italy also represented in the parliament (Jones & Verdun, 2005). This is a clear indication that Italy is a multi party state that integrates many parties with the major ones highlighted above.

At the same time, there has been in the past attitudes that have been dominating the people within the region both in the past and the current era concerning the European integration. To some it was and in the present it is a good idea to have the European integration for peace making and eradication of the border barriers that has so much led to blood shed and wars. In consistent with this, there have been researches that have been carried out revealing that those that value their nation identity have had a negative attitude towards the integration of the European states (Hooghe & Marks, 2001).

Furthermore, there has been a tendency to some thinking that the integration of the European states was as a result of domestic politics for the politicians. This is to bring out the aspect that European integration had an element of promoting the domestic politics and the tendency for some states to give up their sovereignty. It has been pointed out by statics that the European integration has in the current era deviated from the main goal of seeking for peace and crisis intervention shifting to economic integration (Jones & Verdun, 2005). Notably, the European integration has grown to a polity and institutionalization rather than what was first assumed to be. Currently, there are fears that the European integration would weaken the state society relations. Thus it is called for transparency, accountability and legitimacy of EU in order to thrive in the current era.


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