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The advantages of President Obama’s healthcare plan are far greater than the few inconveniences it may create. So to speak, it is important to dig in the details of the plan by exposing its requirements along with its advantages and disadvantages or in simple terms its limitations. In particular, President Obama’s healthcare plan has been received in the state with both the proponents and opponents. It is by examination of the both proponents and opponents and stating of their arguments that one can get the information that supports the thesis statement that the advantages of the plan far outweigh the inconveniences it can create.

Almost every plan has both advantages and disadvantages. However, in order to make a choice of which to establish and invest on it, one is obliged to weight both the advantages and drawbacks. If the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks, one can embark on the mission of enacting the plan. Otherwise, the plan cannot be enacted since the benefits would be minimal compared to the drawbacks. So to articulate, President Obama’s Healthcare plan is one of the key strategies by the president to ensure that the American people have an access to healthcare (Carnevale, 2009).

This is to ensure that each and everyone in America are covered in the aspect of health in terms of access, affordability and utilization of the same. In this sense, it is required that the details of the plan are brought forward along with the benefits that come along with it. Further, the benefits and the inconveniences realized would be brought into view factoring in the aspect of weighing the plan from both perspectives. It is from this point, that the validity of the thesis statement will gain its authenticity. Having stated the thesis of the topic under discussion and a brief introduction into the topic, the details of the plan and the supporting points of the thesis based on evidence will be brought into view.

Barack Obama’s strategy can be best described as a universal heath care. So to speak, in his strategy he brought out some key issues that would ensure that the US population had the best heath care system. He suggested the creation of National Health insurance Exchange that would cover both private insurance and a Medicare like government run up (Carnevale, 2009). Regardless of health status, Obama’s strategy provided for health coverage and the fact that premiums would not vary on this basis. In the same line of thought, the universal heath care for the approximated 32 million Americans included the electronic record keeping, reducing obesity, refocusing doctor incentives and from quantity of care to quality.

Also, the reform is geared at ensuring that expensive conditions are prevented. At the same time, identification and communication of the most cost effective treatments along with reduction of defensive medicine was brought into view. Along with this, Obama’s heath care reform covers a limitation to insurance companies not to discriminate based on the pre-existing conditions. In line with this, under Obama’s health care reform strategy, it is required of every American who has legal resident to be able to purchase coverage through health care for America (Meckler& Adamy, 2010). This is in a case whereby one is not covered by Medicare or employer. For everyone enrolled, it is provided for him by the government that prices and quality heath services are provided.

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The plan in addition, gives the enrollees a variety of medical providers to make a choice that best suits them. It is also provided for a selection of more expensive, comprehensive private heath insurance plans. The cost of the heath care plan has been given to the strategies that will generate its cost. For one, the plan requires that all U.S employers should provide health coverage for their employees that are equal to the quality heath care for America. Alternatively, the employees are required to pay a modest payroll-based tax to support heath care for America while helping their employees to pay for the insurance coverage. For the Americans who are self employed, they are required to pay as employers the same pay-roll based tax (Carnevale, 2009). Again, the people who happen not to be in workplace, the plan for them states that they should pay premiums based on their annual income. Accordingly, the persons who remain uninsured, the government provides that there are incentives that would help enroll them in the health care for America.

Following this point, the non-elderly recipients of Medicare and the state Children health insurance program would robotically enroll in the health care for America despite the means. This is either through employers or the individuals themselves. Generally, the health care for America by President Obama is aimed at ensuring that heath care coverage is availed to all legal U.S residents without good employer coverage (Meckler& Adamy, 2010). It requires that employers as well as the self employed to make a purchase of the coverage that is equivalent to the health care for America for all their workers. Failure to accomplish this, the plan requires them to pay a relatively modest payroll contribution that is geared at funding the health care for America in order to ensure the coverage of all the employees.

Moreover, Americans who are uninsured are required to purchase private coverage or rather buy into the health care for America plan. Health care for America has many advantages whose effect cannot be underrated. This is because the plan provides a quiet broad coverage. Putting aside all the Medicare related benefits, the plan covers the mental, maternal and child health in the larger perspective. The plan in addition, puts limits on the total annual pockets costs paid by those that are enrolled.

Rather than being provided for by private health plans, the health care for America offers direct drug coverage. Another benefit of the president Obama health care plan is associated with the fact that modification of Medicare would provide room for elderly and disabled to enjoy the benefit of direct drug coverage ( Hulse & Pears, 2009). Likewise, both preventive and well child checkups which are provided without the out of pocket cost for the enrolled is a great benefit whose advantages cannot be underestimated. The benefits are so many and at the same time they are continuous and guaranteed once one gets enrolled.

From a proponent point of view, the plan would reduce the national deficit by reducing health care costs. On the other hand, the opponents do not deny the benefits of the plan, yet, they have argued that the effect of the plan on the national deficit would be short lived and will have a little effect. In this context, there has been an ongoing criticism on President Obama’s Health care plan. In this sense, critics argue that the proposed health care plan may set turf war between federal and state regulators (Stolberg & Herszenhorn, 2010). This is owing to the fact that, the proposed plan gives the federal government more autonomy in controlling and regulating the health care system.

Again, critics of Obama’s health care reform have argued that there is an aspect of putting a price control on premiums of which in the long run it may not work and as a result, once the price control rules are relaxed, prices may hike. Further in this debate, the critics have related the health care plan with a resultant increased costs especially on the fact that insures should not reject somebody on the pre-existing conditions (Stolberg & Herszenhorn, 2010). Altogether, there is an ongoing debate of the validity of Obama’s health care plan. It is being criticized on the fact that its cost is in terms of trillion dollars with a subsequent billion dollar benefits.

As some points out, the proposed 10 year plan would only yield to a 6 year benefits. Others have criticized the aspect of the plan providing a mandatory rule for insurance coverage of which failure would lead to a fine. This is an attribute of dictatorship as critics put it. The last and not the least among the few mentioned inconveniences pointed out by critics in regard to this plan, is that the plan is not market oriented ( Hulse & Pears, 2009). Having pointed on both the benefits and inconveniences created by President Obama's Healthcare Plan, is clear that the advantages far outweighs the inconveniences since the health of the nation is important and the fact that the Obama’s plan is directed towards eliminating health care costs noted by the U.S. Since the plan is equipped with strategies to lower health care costs and improve its quality thereof, it would lead to increased life expectancy which would finally translate to a health nation that would eventually trigger economic growth.

At this point, it is important to state that President Obama's Healthcare Plan is one and the only viable choice for America as its benefits are long term and guaranteed. From the above provided information, the plan offers health insurance coverage for all. It cuts down cost of health care and reduces the national deficit. Additionally, it is key to improving the general health of the nation. Though critics have rejected it, but, their reasons have got no solid grounds compared to the benefits associated with the plan. Therefore, the advantages of President Obama’s healthcare plan are far greater than the few inconveniences it may create.


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