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Over time, demonstrations have proved to be violent, but, it is possible to have a peaceful demonstration. Yes, it can be admitted that it is never easy to pass heart felt information calmly. Nevertheless, a message can as well be passed peacefully and the point be driven to the point of Understanding. The fact is that, property destruction must not happen for situations to be corrected. Many are the times that the concerned citizens have demonstrated over some issues in the state. As a result, the concerned offices that should address the issues never respond. Nonetheless, the protestors should not withdraw in their effort to fight for their rights if at all they do it in the right way. Referring to the constitution, citizens are entitled to the right of speech, assembly and petition.

Therefore, there is nothing that the citizens should be afraid of in their effort to fight for their rights. In this case, if the citizens know what their rights entail, they can stop the government from attaining tyranny characteristics. From this point of view, protest can be one of the best ways to pass information provided it is used properly. Actually, it is lawful to hold a meeting, dispute or manifestation on a public ground, provided it is not unreasonable ruin of the public belongings (Gostin, 1988).In this connection, as an organizer of a demonstration one must be secretive. This is to suggest that, information about the demonstration should not be leaked until all the plans are developed and ready for execution.

At this point, if I were an organizer of a public protest, I would advice my fellow organizers and demonstrators to ensure that there is a strategic plan on how to pass the message to the relevant authorities. This is for the reason that the most vital thing is to make sure that our petition has been heard. Care must be taken because when protest is manifested by demonstration succeeds, the state may be threatened. This may result to closing of public spaces and sometimes they are even kept over watch by police. This is done for sometime just to discourage the Protestants and to make sure that their voices are not heard at all. This therefore calls for a good plan on how to handle the crowd in case such things happen (Low, 2000).

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As organizers and demonstrators it is a must to know the procedure that is to be followed whenever a demonstration has to take place. First, of one must get a permit, which is meant to give you a go ahead of the activities to be carried out. For this reason, both organizers and demonstrators must exactly know what they want to achieve. To get a permit, critical thinking is required so as to make sure that the permit requisition has been presented in a way that it cannot be rejected. This is to bring out the opinion that the end should justify the means (Riemer & Simon, 1997).So to speak, there must be a unifying factor among the demonstrators and that is to achieve the matter under protest.

Secondly, every demonstrator must have well comprehended the bill of rights as stated by the constitution. It is also good to understand that the protest is to be balanced against public order and the rights of non-protesters. This is to say that the symbol of harmonizing is a way of recognizing that freedom to protest is vital but not absolute (Gostin, 1988). The most important part to understand is the right to speech, petition and assembly. This will enable the organizers and demonstrators to protest within the jurisdiction of the state’s constitution.

Apart from this, a good financial background is also required in order to be in a position to support the demonstration. As far as finances are concerned, there must be a budget indicating exactly what is needed for the success of the whole project. Some of the items that need money include banners, posters, flutes, t-shirts and any other material that is vital for demonstrators. In fact, for this reason there have to be ways of raising enough funds to sustain the whole activity.

The police force has been known to harass demonstrators in a very rude and unjust way. They have even gone to an extra mile of detaining peaceful demonstrators for no good reason, but this should not discourage any one from protesting. Yes, it is true that change does not spin in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous effort. However, it is good to avoid violent actions like intruding into private property and theft (Gostin, 1988). The use of abusive language and self immolation should also be avoided by all means. This is inclusive of the speeches to be made by the leaders of the demonstration. By so doing, conflicts with the government and police forces will be avoided.

Protests songs can be used to attract public attention. This calls for creativity, where by a song can be composed in such a way that it can pass a message so easily. The effectiveness of these songs can be spiced up by sound systems and even clowns. Notices can as well be spread prior to the event. This is meant to notify the people of the demonstration and the reasons as to why it should be carried out. Apart from this, posters also play a major role in attracting the attention of the public.

Posters should be designed in such a way that the message contained in it can be read clearly from a far. The banners and the posters should give information full of suspense. This will create the anxiousness in the public and they will wish to know more about the protest. In fact, in most cases it is this banners and posters that prompt crowds to gather more than even the noise made by the demonstrators.

In conclusion, it is possible to have a peaceful demonstration and still achieve the ultimate goal. Actually, the whole idea of whether a demonstration should be violent or peaceful depends on the organizers as well as the demonstrators. This is to suggest that, if a protest is organized in such a way that the people concerned know exactly what they want and how to get it, then its chances of succeeding are high. A peaceful and successful demonstration can therefore be achieved by having a stable financial background as well as demonstrators who understand their rights. To add on this, the people concerned can as well avoid using abusive language and also be in position to attract the public to their activity. This is by use of posters and other publicity materials available.


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