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This article is based on the soft approach of president Obama to President Hamid Karzai with an effort of influencing him. The effort by Obama’s peaceful approaches to Hamid seems to yield no fruits. In fact, as far as president Karzai is concerned all the Obama government wants is to dominate Afghanistan by promoting war in this country so that the American troops will continue to stay in Afghanistan. For this reason, President Karzai ignored the American demands to stop corruption and drug trafficking and threatened to join the Taliban if the pressure from the international community continues. With this, the Obama administration is still convinced that they cannot go back to the way of Bush’s governance (Cooper and Landler, 2010).

From an analytical point of view, it can clearly be seen that the Afghanistan president is not willing to corporate with president Obama’s government. The more President Obama tries to be friendly to President Karzai the more the latter distances himself from President Obama. An indication of this is when President Obama went to Kabul and his visit was poorly handled (Copper and Landler 2010). To worsen the issue, President Karzai has continually resisted the Americans demands and the Obama government will eventually have to deal with him otherwise they would loose control of him.

In a broader perspective, it is clear that President Karzai can only comply under pressure. It is in light of this, that he agreed with Senator John Kerry to have a runoff election. Mr. Karzai’s agreement to a runoff election was one of the Obama’s administration achievements in the interactions between the U.S and Afghanistan (Copper and Landler, 2010). Nevertheless, this success really contrasts with other greater deals between the U.S and Afghanistan that followed. To be specific, the failure of many deals between the Obama’s administration and president Karzai lead to a conclusion that, Mr. Karzai is a liar and he also lack integrity, and therefore very unreliable. To back this, Mr. Karzai denied before Mr. Biden that corruption is prevalent in Afghanistan and incase it is he cannot be blamed for it (Copper and Landler, 2010).


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