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Thank you for gathering here in this chamber and showing your devotion and love to the country that is so dear to all of us. Thank you very much. Thank you. Please take your seats.

Dear Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Distinguished Heads of State and Government, Excellencies, and fellow Americans. Every year we assemble here with a crucial purpose – to soberly review the progress of our nation, to detect its failures, and to illuminate prospects for the future development of our country.

Without any doubt, America is a land where democratic liberty stands on the first place. It is a country where the opinions of citizens are always heard. It is a place where bestowing of legitimacy is a part and parcel of Government work. Dear followers, it is not just a random process. We have achieved it together. Excellencies, we have put law into practice. We have accomplished a complete equality of rights. I would like to emphasize that nowhere in the world can you observe such a big variety of possibilities as Americans have. Every citizen has a guaranteed right to work, to choose, to get high-qualified education, to speak, to open his or her own business, regardless of what gender they belong to, what they believe in, what color of skin they have, or where they come from. We have instilled respect in every immigrant. I am absolutely sure there is no place on Earth where you can find such respect for human dignity as in the USA. The vivid example of the above mentioned point is eBay run by French-born Iranian native Piere Omidyar. Another remarkable instance is Ronald Reagan, who was born in a poor village of Tampico in the Midwest and became the 40th President of the USA. Dear Excellencies, we have fostered the rule of law, we have created a framework of fair rules. We do not humiliate the dignity of our nation. Equality has permeated the fabric of our lives. We are a nation with dogged determination. We are proud that we are Americans.

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Let us take an odyssey to our achievements in the current year and reconsider what we have done in order to bring Americans to the peak of development amid other nationalities. First of all, we have precipitated a new affordable health insurance for everyone. Meantime, we have finally reached our goals and enacted the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. We should also admit that on signing this treaty we will protect more than 33 million of Americans who have no insurance. Secondly, we have approved a bill of Wall Street Reform. The distinctive pattern of this Reform is the total renewal of financial sector and analysis of the most appalling conditions since the Great Depression. Thirdly, we have accomplished our goals with the war in Iraq. Our government has taken control of this intricate situation. On no account, our nation will suffer from war. We, the Heads of State and Government, always care for the urgent needs of our countrymen. Furthermore, with your help, my dear fellow Americans, we have decisively obliterated the leader of terroristic organization al-Qaeda in May 2, 2011. We strongly believe that civilians will never put themselves in harm’s way and the USA will live in peace and harmony. Additionally, with the invaluable from the Heads of State and Government, we have taken the course towards promoting our image amid other nationalities. According to statistics, the approval ratings for our nation’s policy have increased up to 27 percent. Moreover, we have improved the situation on educational ground. We have donated five billions of dollars to educational programs and different grants. We clearly understand that our success depends on future generation. We want to create a prosperous background for our children. We have invested money into our youth. Our Government has signed a new agreement that supports veterans. We have put approximately eight billions of dollars into the Veterans Affairs budget. Dear followers, we will do our best to improve the health and welfare of many of you who have been affected by the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. We will go to great lengths in order to spread the application of law, to keep up the pace, and to defend our nation from any threats, internal or external.

It is generally true that every political program has its own failures. But, dear followers, we have done what we could in safeguarding the legal protection for our nation, its development, and good conditions of life. Excellencies, we have got a lot to do for providing our country with wealth. Without any doubt, we should improve our economic policies and spur our economy for better results. Additionally, we should reconsider environmental issues and create effective devices with the purpose of solving these problems. We should not lose sight of the fact that environmental contamination and air emission could lead to terrible results in our surroundings and may call in question the existence of future generation. The first step after my swearing in would be the realization of your choices. Dear followers, we are the United States. We are the united generation with a strong confidence and hope for a prosperous future.

All in all, I fully support the idea that each generation should play a crucial role in the process of setting new politics. We, the Heads of State and Government, will provide good conditions for healthcare system, development of economy, national borders, education and acceptance of reforms that facilitate future progress. May God bless America.


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