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Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America is a remarkable leader who has achieved many things in a short period of time. He has used a different style of leadership that puts into consideration the welfare of the less fortunate members of the society. During his campaigns, he used the modern technology that gave him fame throughout the globe especially because he was considerate of people's welfare who contributes to the growth of the country. Without any doubt, Obama will be re-elected as the 45th President come 2012 due to his great achievements and contributions to the great nation (Mendell 260-265).

The first two years of his term in Congress have been well accomplished since he was able to pass new laws that protected the consumers and reigned in the abuses made on Wall Streets; the health care system was reformed and the Recovery Act concerning the economy's growth was passed. He has successfully passed the greatest set of cut in taxes for the people in the middle class status, education reforms, investment in infrastructure and a clean energy bill. He was also faced with a crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, but was able to solve it in time thus giving him advantage over other leaders. The first days in office, he issued both executive orders and presidential memoranda that gave directions to the military troops in Iraq to come up with strategic plans that would exit them which eventually bore fruits (Scheiber 21-22).

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In order for him to be re-elected in 2012, Obama needs to reduce some of his tactics of making decisions that seem impulsive. He should go back to the citizens and ask them their views and opinions concerning the problems affecting them and then implement the best policy that will rescue them. He should continue being a Pro-Choice since it has made him interact with all classes of people. Obama also needs to look at other new ways of solving the problems that affect the company by being tactful and imaginative. He should be unique from other leaders both in the current government and those who were in the past. Obama is not a corrupt or greedy President thus, he is going to prosper in his career as an administrator (Mendell 266).

In 2012, majority of the voters will go for Obama because he is a leader who has given the middle class people the chance to enjoy the privileges the lacked and had wished for. He has given an ear to the cry of the poor and has lifted their standards of living by giving them access to the basic needs of individuals in the society. He has also re-united the troops who had camped in Iraq with their family which portrays his love and respect for families. Obama is a leader who has shown his bravery when he saved the republic from the economic crisis faced when he was sworn. He has resurrected the economy of the U.S. which saved those of other countries dependant on America. Obama is one leader who has shown competence in his work and I would re-elect him for elections (Mendell 268).

In conclusion, Americans should be ready to accept Obama as the 45th President because he is a leader who bears in mind the welfare of all its citizens. The fact that Obama is an economist, he has the knowledge and skills of dealing with financial matters hence does not rush into making decisions without consulting others despite his experience and skills in the field. This information is critical when running a country and Obama has managed to handle such situations with priority and skill (Mendell 270).


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