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The government of united State is elaborated by various institutions, groups, ideas and beliefs all of which constitute a common political reality. The politics are part of governance in United State providing an analytical perspective of how the government is formed based on different political views expressed by different leaders. Therefore, this paper is destined to cover a wide analysis of general concepts that are used to interpret United State politics and government setup.Basically, the United State government is based on the shortest written constitution in the world. The constitution is comprised of a prelude, seven articles and other twenty seven Amendments. It's from this document that the entire federal government was established. The document is an existence one from which various interpretations have been made and other changes adopted over a period of time. These changes are possible through occasional amendment process which is very easy but the citizens are able to make the changes (Kelly M. 2010 Par 1).Generally the United State government is made up of three branches created separately through the constitution. Powers are delegated to all the branches thus each branch possesses its powers and areas of influence. As cited by Kelly M. (2010 Par 2), the constitution was also established to serve as a system of checks and balances to ensure that no one branch of government would claim sovereign than the other. These branches comprise of the legislative branch, a section that consists of congress responsible for creation of federal laws. The congress is further made up of two houses namely, senate and House of representatives.

The other branch is the Executive whose powers are dictated by the president of the United States who has the mandate to execute, enforce and administer law and order and preside over government issues. These powers are conferred to the president by the constitution and of course through election by the citizens. Bureaucracy is also a component of executive branch. Finally, there is the judicial system of governance. The judicial powers in United States are identified with the State Supreme Court as well as the federal courts. The main function of this branch of government is to interpret and apply United State law via cases presented before them by individuals, institutions or other government agencies. The Supreme Court also bears another important role of judicial review in that they can rule laws unconstitutional.The Constitution is therefore the foundation of the government of US and it is founded on six basic principles which are deeply embedded in the mind and landscape of United State government. The principles of foundation include; popular sovereignty a principle that states that government power and its source lies with the citizens. The whole idea arises from the concept of social contracts and the fact that the government should be operating at the benefit of its citizen and therefore if the government fails to protect its people then should be voted out or rather dissolved. The other principle is limited government hat limits the powers of the government and its leadership since it's the people are the ones responsible for its powers. Basically the US government does not come p with its powers from within instead follows the laws and can only operate following the powers given to it by the people. It is clear that the proceedings in the state government is entirely conducted with checks and balances from the citizens thus providing the necessary attention to the needs of its people for fear of being dissolved. Separation of powers is another principle that embraces all the three branches of the government as stated earlier on in the discussion.

It ensures that no one branch possess all the powers. Each is provided with its own intention in governance ranging from laws formulation, execution of the laws and implementation of the executed laws. Further protection of citizens is ensured through checks and balances system set up. The branches of government are provided with certain number of checks to limit the powers of other branches at the expense of the others. A good example is where the president decides to ban legislation; the Supreme Court declares acts of congress unconstitutional and also involves the senate in approving the treaties and presidential appointment in the government.There is also the judicial review a section of leadership that has powers that allow the Supreme Court to make judgment on whether acts and laws established are unconstitutional. This was established a while ago in the 18th century. Finally, another most complicated principle of United State foundation is the principle of federalism. Federalism ensures that the central government does not control all the powers in the states all it has reserved powers. At times these powers overlap and bring about problems in the states a good example being the time of the Hurricane Katrina disaster that left many dead and others displaced. The state government and the federal governments could not come to an agreement over some state issues due to power differences (Kelly M. 2010 Par 3-6).According to Kelly M. (2010 Par 7), the political process is seemingly very crucial, just as the way constitution setup forms the government system, political system also forms the basis of occupancy of offices of Congress and the presidency. All over the world, many countries enjoy the democracy of numerous political parties made up of groups of people who converge and campaign to try to win political office and control the government operations. However, in United State, only two party systems exist. The major parties identified in US are Republican and Democratic parties. From time to time the parties compete and attempt to win elections.Actually, the current nature of parties in United State is not only due to history precedent or tradition but more due to the electoral system in the State which allows only two party systems. However, there having two parties in American governance does not mean that there is no room for another party in its landscape. Third parties can fall under certain categories which include; ideological parties like social party, single-issue parties with the example of Right to Life party, Economic Protest parties like Greenback party and also Splinter parties with an example of Bull moose party. All of these could be termed as third parties in US political system.Elections as Cited by Kelly M. (2010 Par 8), are also very organized in the States at all levels from local, state to federal sections. However, there are several differences in locality to locality as well as state to state. During presidential elections, the presidency is determined with certain variations which also include the electoral colleges in different states.

A standard argument indicates that American Government is founded on human reasons rather than Christianity. The pioneers of America didn't intend to forfeit slavery but it was a good thing which to Christian Nationalists shows the intentions of America as a secular state rather than a Christian one. All over the world United State is the only that exhibits or rather the first form of government formed on the basis of simple principles of nature. Many who may now be knowledgeable to forget the pretense, hypocrisy and beliefs encountered could consider these events as their history. Government have been setup each season of election through a natural authority of people without sense of pretence or mystery a factor which provides basis for governance to other states in favor of rights of mankind.Although the founder fathers of United State established a secular government, they did value religion in their private lives. Nationalists as Christianity however, saw this as a way of encouraging religion as an official part of American government rather than a way of life. According to Cline A. (2010 Par 1-3), American government was established and designed based on human reasons and intelligence from its manifestations of ships and artifacts. There were no any intentions of setting up the states with designs, shapes or expressions of heavens or rather in honor of certain gods. It's quite realistic that a government is only developed by humans to serve them and not from religious authority and leadership. In any case these two areas of leadership are very different when it comes to governance of states (Cline A. 2010 Par 5-8).A secular government it is, United State government is an organized exemplary government that resumes power over all nations in the whole world. Some of the international policies formulated by certain countries in the world could only get implementation after consent by the state federal government of United State. It has been on the forefront to defend weak countries from threats such as piracy and terrorists thus showing how powerful and acceptable its laws are. The constitution is very crucial in the governance since it dictates the roles of each branch of government and provides relevant checks and balances to the operations of each branch ensuring that there is no abuse of power by either branch at the expense of other branches.


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