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Important accomplishments in the government lie behind the existence of political parties. One of the most important contributions of political parties is unification of the people which is an important issue for government control and development of favorable policies that support the interests of the people. The parties also influence the voters towards the choice of a specific candidate who is perceived to have potentials in government matters. Despite the fact that the parties are not in themselves the government and they are hardly mentioned in the constitution, they are deeply involved in the government operations. Political parties can therefore be regarded as essential elements of government and politics rather than out of date, irrelevant products of a by-gone era (Ratna, 27).

The candidates in the public offices are nominated by political parties and this is the initial step towards their election. Majority of people in the political party should be involved for this exercise to succeed. It is through this that the goals of the people are achieved through the use of legislation as well as program initiatives. Groups of people and individuals are represented by political parties and the special concerns of these interests groups are actively addressed in government. For example, farm workers, urban dwellers, teachers, small operators in business and industries all have some issues that need to be addressed in the government and the people who have the duty of this task are identified through political parties (Russell & Martin 167).

An important consideration about political parties is that they do not play the role of policymaking organizations. Their duty is taking positions about important policy and most so in the provision of alternatives to the position taken by the party in power. The party in power on the other hand advocates for practicing its philosophy through the use of legislation. A winning candidate in a political party is mandated to execute the program that was outlined in the campaign.


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