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First, media depends upon the candidates for the production of sensational stories capable of sparking interest among its readers. Secondly, by virtue of the large sums involved in political campaigns, the media usually intends to benefit from this by encouraging campaigners to run digital campaigns using preferred media channels. Lastly, the media depends upon the candidates by mending an association with a winning image, which builds their prospects. Ways in which Candidates use media during Election Campaigns

First, political candidates use the media channels to pass across important information to their desired audiences. This is partly driven by the presence of mainstream news media in major actions thus constituting one of the major ways to communicate to members of the public (Schlossman 116). Secondly, political candidates use the media an avenue for creating positive public relations by demonstrating their good acts to the general public. Lastly, political candidates primarily use the media as an avenue to project negative elements such as alliances to an interest group in their competitors by showing to the public instances in which the competitors may have failed them.

Benefit of these efforts at Control

The interrelationship between the media and political candidates has a great effect by improving voter turnout in the elections. The strategies used and issue-based descriptions of the respective political campaigns have a huge impact on the intention to vote among citizens (Bryant & Oliver 26). This also has an impact on the voting patterns exhibited by the population. By framing a certain political entity to an audience, this initiates their willingness to react with respect to the perspective projected by the group (Bryant & Oliver 2). Moreover, it also initiates positive thinking among the electorate by making decisions based on the depth to which issues have been addressed.


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