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Securing a clear and focused future for Britain

Our party, Popular Front Democratic Party (PFDP), is a new party which is committed to the well being of our beloved Britain. There are a number of issues that the other parties which have always been present, have been ignoring. They are the reason our situation is not improving. Firstly, our leaders are committed to repairing our economy which is has been stagnant for a long time. We are also committed to giving the best education to our children so that they can be the best in the world in innovativeness as well as scientific research. Generally, we believe that it is time we focused on raising the living standards for British citizens and not just for a few.

Our beloved country can be at its best once again, where each citizen feels safe as well as foresee a secure future. However, there are numerous challenges that Britain has to overcome. The current political system seems to have betrayed its people, our economy is on the rocks and only a few seem to enjoy a quality living standard. We need to start afresh. We need to elect new leaders as well as put into place a new political leadership. We need to join forces and work together to change all that and match on towards a bright future.  

Our party is fresh with full of experts and leaders who listen to the people. Change can only occur when politicians involve the people on the ground. The PFDP politicians have new energy, ambitious with new measures as well as new policy initiatives. All of us need to work together and be responsible for our nation. Some other politicians have always promised change. So, we should ask ourselves, what is that change? Real change comes from collective responsibility. Our party offers a new beginning and a new approach. We believe that the state's role should be directed to the society and serve the people in a respectable manner.

We offer you this manifesto, which we see as the most important step towards our long journey. PFDP is a party that is fit for the modern era, applying its beliefs as well as values to the urgent needs of Britain. Our ideas cover Britain's problems as well as the world, which is in constant change. We are committed to see change in every street, every home and every community. We will deal truthfully with political issues and not allow any other party or political leaders to influence our opinions and the values that we stand for. Our party will take responsibility for the political choices we make and not just rush into conclusions.

We will work hand in hand with political leadership which represents what is good for the people and performs its duty in an honorable way. We should remind ourselves that freedom is about what we decide to do for ourselves, for others as well as our country. Our party listens carefully to the issues that people raise, then provide a critical aspect on what is true. Our party supports the parliamentary devolution to the nations as well as the English regions. PFDP supports the parliamentary devolution to the nations as well as English regions of the United Kingdom. Since the existence of the Welsh assembly and Scottish parliament, we pledge not to reverse these reforms. We also support the idea that only English members of parliament should vote on issues and policies that affect England only.

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Our party pledges to increase the share of Britain in the global defense. We support the European Union and also encourage all its members to be committed to the success of the EU in terms of economy as well as security both at home and abroad. Our party is focused on promoting our national interest, a Europe which is open and democratic. As a party, we will also be positive towards the current membership of the EU. However, we will be careful and ensure that we make decisions with the consent of the British people. We will also make sure that no governments, that come in the future, hand over powers to the EU without the British people's consent.

We believe that all European countries should strive towards working together so as to boost the economy globally, fight worldwide poverty, as well as deal with the issue of climate change. Our party will stand for open markets as well as a strong transatlantic relationship not forgetting to fight to promote our national interests. We believe that the interests of Britain will best be served by being a membership of the EU, that which is an association of its members. However, we will bring back democratic control in so that the British people can have their say on any transfer of powers to the EU. We will amend the 1972 European Communities act so that any proposed future treaty that transferred areas of power, or competences, would be subject to a referendum

Our country faces a serious crisis of trust in politics following the scandal involving the parliamentary expenses. We need to renew our democracy. We need to create a new constitutional as well as political settlement in so as to restore trust in our politics. We believe in a number of other issues like an improved citizenship to go to more young people and a legislation that makes sure that Parliaments sit for a fixed term. We need to chart a course to a new and a Written Constitution.

We will under take a number of measures which will lead to the restoration of trust in our politics as well as political institutions. Any member of parliament who is found responsible for financial mismanagement will be subject to a right of recall if there is no action taken against him or her by the Parliament. We believe that members of parliament who are appointed for outside duties should not conflict with their parliamentary responsibilities.

In any country, it seems right if the people are given a greater say in how their country is governed as well as for the politicians to be held accountable in any decisions they undertake. This is what we want for our beloved country. We believe that Britain needs a reform in constitutional as well as political settlement for a new and modern era. The British people need to be given the chance to decide on how to charter a course to achieving a written constitution. Our new party is committed to bringing new politics, where we believe in strengthening the power of Parliament to hold the executive branch accountable for any decisions made. We will support changes in how the Parliament should function so as to strengthen Select Committees and give a stronger voice to all the backbenchers (Farnborough, T., 1896).

We also believe that the public should be given a new right so as to petition the House of Commons and trigger national debates on important issues. Our party is new, and reflects the need of the modern society; everyone is represented in this party including the minority, something not common in any other party. Our party, in a great way, supports measures that improve transparency in parliamentary institutions as well as government. We encourage freedom of speech as well as access to information and fight for the rights of one to speak freely.

We need to make sure that a member of parliament is supported by the majority of their constituents. We also fight to ensure that the hereditary principle is done away with from the House of Lords (Black, J., 2004). Our party also believes that it is time that the funding of political parties must be reformed so that the public can regain its trust in politics once more. In our devolution of power, the new politics means also a change to the local public services. The services should be geared towards the personal needs of the people. There should be great accountability in everything that the local government does.

Our fellow citizens, all this can be attainable, only if each one of us plays their respective part. The politicians will be lying if they say they can do it by themselves. You, on your own, cannot also afford to sit back and wait for the government to do everything. It is time we made our own destiny. It is time for a fresh start, and that is what the PFDP stands for. Come together lets join hands and forge our future.


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