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It is important that non partisan panels draw congressional districts. This will help to introduce new change and do away with 'safe seats'. When non-partisans draw the congressional districts they will be fairer. In this case, the incumbent's ideals and strategies of maintaining high chances of re-election will be reduced. The seats will be made more competitive. The job will be better done by retired judges. This is from the fact that, from their profession, they are supposed to be nonpartisan. More so, they clearly understand the law and boundaries. With this great knowledge and experience, it will be easier for them to do the job. The same has been successful in Britain and Canada where the judges have successfully drawn congressional districts.

If non partisans drew congressional districts, the congressional races would be highly competitive. This is in the fact that unlike before, both the incumbents and new members will have to conduct massive campaigning. This is from the fact that the new districts created will be fair for all in that they will not be fully republican or democratic. This will, therefore, bring about a fair ground for competition. The candidates will in this case spend a lot of money to campaign. They will be forced to use blogs, podcasts, and television among other channels to campaign. This will further see a lot of money being used for campaigning in every district. The use of non partisan would also bring about a high turnover in the House of Representatives. This is from the fat that members will not be guaranteed re election into the house. This will see new ideas into the hose brought by new members. However, it would also see loss of more experienced members in the house (Roger and Walter, 2005).

In conclusion, therefore, we note that non partisans drawing congressional districts will bring change. This is in the fact that the elections will be made more competitive. Furthermore, it would see a great turnover in the House of Representatives. The job will be better done by retired judges, this is from the fact that their job requires being non-partisan. Furthermore, they are well knowledgeable on the law. This will therefore, make the elections free and fair. In this case, better leaders will be elected into the House of Representatives and congress.


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