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As much as we view and perceive violence as bad and an unethical behavior, it might as well have some benefits in politics. In some situation violence could be necessary or rather the best option to exercise. Violence normally happens across ethnic groups in the society (Worcester, 2002, p. 23). For example acting violently to defend himself or his family against a serious harm and he uses a gun. This violence is justified in that the man had to fight for his life and that of his family.

Another case that justifies violence in politics in in a situation of war. A state or government uses violence to stop war. A times brutality and the use of authority to stop war is the best option (Worcester, 2002, p. 27). The violence is not as destructing as a war. Super powerful countries can send their forces to stop war in a state. Though it may take life of some people it will not be as destroying as a war. Violence is not is not as negative as an assault. Violence is mild and is done for a reason. An example of reason to exercise violence is when stooping riots in an institution such as a university. A university can therefore use some violence to stop rioting student which could cause a lot of property destruction in the institution (Worcester, 2002, p. 29).

For the above reasons we can now say violence has a big role in politics. Without violence politics would never exist. Most of the authorities who normally exercise justified violence is the governments in cases of stopping a warring state. Although in some situation more powerful sates can use violence for their own benefit for example to get raw materials or laborers from a less powerful state (Worcester, 2002, p. 34-40).


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