Free «Fukushima Nuclear Plant Disaster Recovery Strategic Plan» Essay Sample

Disaster preparedness, mitigation and recovery are critical to the success of any business irrespective of the environment. The role of the IT professional in cushioning the Fukushima Nuclear Plant against meltdown in the tsunami and earthquake prone environment is thus critical. As an IT executive, I would develop strategic plans against the disaster especially targeting sensing and mitigation of the effects of the tsunami and the earthquake.

At the strategic level of the organization I would focus on the development and effective operation of automated tsunami and earthquake detection and sensor systems. This would help the organization to prepare well in advance before the disaster strikes. Development of this technology would aid in hazard analysis and enhance adequate disaster preparedness and mitigation of the effects of the tsunami and earthquake thus enhancing business continuity.

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Since the technology supporting the nuclear power is exothermic, it is strategic to develop an active cooling system. This must be made reliable through development of both primary and secondary power systems. As an IT executive I would also promote awareness of the management of the plant on the tsunami and its connection with the plant regulator. Besides, it is important to ensure proper maintenance of the secondary power at the plant to avoid faults when the disaster strikes.

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Information infrastructure plays a key role in the organization of the coping and recovery work. At the strategic level of the organization, it is thus critical to develop fault tolerant, decentralized IT systems with independent power supplies. Such a system is developed in manner that they are re-configurable to support improvisational activities. This helps to support coping and disaster recovery activities. The system is developed in such a way that it can deliver information about the condition of the connected sensors and describe the structural state of the plant before and after the disaster.

In conclusion, as an IT executive at Fukushima Nuclear Plant, I would strive at developing reliable and flexible information system. Such infrastructure would support disaster preparedness, mitigation and recovery efforts in the event of catastrophes like tsunami and earthquake that are common in the location of this plant.

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