Free «Proposal for a Research Paper on Fast Food and People's Personality and Lifestyle» Essay Sample

Some of the most profitable businesses in the world fall under that of the fast-food business. In personal studies about the current business world, it became painfully apparent that people are searching for that which will make things more efficient. In the process, of looking for time to dedicate to making more money and capitalizing assets they wanted to limit their time spent in breaks such as eating, hence fast foods. Anyway, that is what everyone is looking for, an easy meal to grab on the go. Fast food has its purpose in life to make the life of people on the go easier by making their eating life more effective, but not necessarily healthier.

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Research Questions

  1. When it comes right down to it, most people think in a group. It would be intriguing to note if the fast-food companies carried out research on their consumers. Do they use the concept of consumer psychology against their customers?.
  2. It is a fact that brain function critically depends on the food that we eat. Recently there have been many cases registered of binge eating, which is eating while feeling powerless to stop. Is there interdependence between psychology of a person and fast food in these cases?
  3. People addicted to fast food sometimes suffer cases of poisoning by food additives leading to dementias in extreme situations. Does this have to do with their intake of alcohol, caffeine, or fast foods??
  4. In the act of being effective in eating time, the essentials have left our diet even crossing to our social life. Smith et al suggests that this is exacerbated by the binge eating occurring in buffets where people tend to over eat. Is this to be treated as any other addiction such as alcoholism?

Tentative Resources

All of these questions put forward a suggestion that fast foods have hazardous characteristics to the person physically and mentally. Case in point dementia risks from sugars and fats. Some good internet sources are listed in the works cited page.

Research Plan

There are a number of steps that should be taken to carry out this research in 2 weeks.

  1. Organize a questionnaire to get a survey from fast-food customers particularly and medical professionals in the nutrition field


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