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Literacy is the ability to read and write in formal and informal settings. Information literacy is the ability to understand when information is needed, locate, evaluate and use the information effectively. The need of information literacy is both crucial to the general public as it is to students. Librarians are among the people who need to be information literate in order to be aware of what information is needed, how evaluate it and to what extend of effectiveness the information plays. This paper recognizes the role information literacy plays on the daily lives of students and how the problem of information illiteracy affects them. With this in mind, the main aim of the paper is to propose the most ideal ways to maneuver through the problem to solving it.


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            The objectives of this paper are centrally focusing on how to rectify the problem of information illiteracy. The objectives include: to evaluate the effects of information illiteracy in the school setting; to identify and recommend six principal methods of eliminating the information illiteracy problem; and to identify and propose specific aspects of information literacy.


            Information literacy is the core pillar of today’s communication mostly in the academic setting and also public offices and so on. The importance of this proposal is to make it known to identify and recommend methods that are essential to students, teachers, and the general public in terms of effectiveness and the role they play. This proposal to a personal level is important in that an individual would be presented with methods that can improve his/her effectiveness when handling information. Professionally, the importance of this proposal is central to the elements of professionalism that include efficiency, time sensitivity, and relevance of information. With the two goals of the proposal joined, a general importance to the public is drawn.

            In conceptualizing the validity and relevance of literature sources for this proposal, it is important that main focus be drawn to the problem at hand and try evaluating the relevance of sources in consideration of the objectives. Source of information for this proposal would mostly be professional is the academic arena that includes teachers, lecturers, students and the general public.

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Literature Review

            Information literacy is different from any other form of literacy. Reading and writing is considered the ultimate state of literacy, however, the concept of information literacy is drawn from how well understanding of information is vested in an individual’s ability of writing and reading. Students go to schools to acquire different forms of education and pursue different courses. With the students in class or around the institution doesn’t mean they are information literate and this is where the importance of being information literate takes control of the activities in an academic setting. All students by the time they get to high school and college, they all can write and read effectively, but how many of those can undertake tasks that require information elegance?

            Following the concept that students may fall in the class of information illiteracy, six principal recommendations are made and include: Reconsidering the ways in which information is organized institutionally; promotion of public awareness of problems created by information illiteracy; research to be conducted that would bring the existence of a climate conducive to students’ transforming to information literates; inclusion of information literacy concerns in teacher education; promotion of public awareness of the relationship between general goals of ‘literacy, productivity and democracy’ and information literacy. These recommendations are crucial in that they enable the students, teachers, and the general public to be information sensitive. This sensitivity breeds literacy and the end result is a community that is information literate. (

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            The downside of being ignorant to information literacy leads to scenarios where students after clearing college are enrolled for training before they can be employed. It is time wasting that information illiteracy would result to students being enrolled for training within their fields of interests before they are allowed to fully participate and contribute in professional settings. If the curriculum would follow the principal recommendations of addressing information illiteracy above, this scenario can be eliminated.


            To extract information effectively and sufficiently, there is need to acquire appropriate methods of collecting data. For the task at hand, questionnaires will be used to get information from students; interviews will be used to acquire information from teacher and lectures; and internet forums will be used to get information from the general public. The relevance of using questionnaires on student is because of the fact that they are assumed to be numerous. Our target would be 500 students and setting interviews for 500 students can be hectic and time consuming. But with reproducible questionnaires, this number can be served effectively and in case of damage of copies, they can be replaced with immediate effect.


            Information literacy is different from general literacy in that it deals with understanding, evaluation, location and effective use of needed information. Literacy is simply reading and writing and by possessing these abilities doesn’t qualify to be information literate. Considerations on the subject matter have been made and recommendations have been made. These recommendations include; promoting awareness to students, teachers and the general public the effects and importance of information literacy; promotion of students’ and teachers’ considerations to take interest in becoming information literate; institutionally addressing the issues of information illiteracy by modifying the organization of information in institutions.



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