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Hire one Atlanta is a strategy that has the driving motive of minimizing the level of unemployment in Atlanta by encouraging employees to at least hire one person. They expect that if each of the 150 000 employers embraced the spirit, 150 000 people would find employment and earn a living. By reducing unemployment, it will have a positive impact not only in the economy, but also in the lifestyles of the individuals. The spending cycle would rise and thus lead to the general growth of the economy.

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A public, private partnership involves a nongovernmental organization and a government coming into an agreement that guides them to work together for the benefit of the private partner, and the general public that comprises of the taxpayers. At the time of the election of Mayor Kasim Reed, he had promised the public that he would fight crime and be smart on it by giving the young people an opportunity to work and thus prevent them in involving themselves in crime. The metro-wide campaign has brought partnerships of like minds from both the private and the public organizations. These include and not limited to Atlanta Business League, the Atlanta Regional Commission Metro Atlanta Chamber and the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta Inc. the Atlanta Business Chronicle has been in the lead in trying to assist the unemployed to secure jobs. The Weekly ABC contains is packed with information on what is happening in Atlanta business to inform job seekers on which company will be hiring, and they are able to network before the posting of jobs by the particular companies. The nonprofit organizations are primarily an association of volunteers, staff and members that open and ready to serve all. In the communities, they assist in developing mind, body and spirit. In Hire One Atlanta initiative YMCA as one of the humanitarian organizations have posted more than 100 jobs and more to that it continues to challenge individuals to contribute, collectively involve others to build a strong community with strong families.

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            In such a growing economy, resources may be required to develop the existing project and improve on technology. Mostly the money from bonds is used for capital expenditures. The debt depending on terms is paid on interest at fixed intervals and at a determined time when it matures. In Feb 2011, the mayor reported the advances made payable to the government support that the City of Atlanta had hired 259 new police officers, and the police academy at the time of reporting was training 120 recruits. The funding from the government plays a significant role in any of projects involving the community at large. The money is from the budget allocations to the projects. Government money comes from the taxes levied and from the resources that the country possesses. For example, the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency awarded the City of Atlanta’s Fire Rescue Department with $10 million to be used to hire new fire fighters (Adams 2011).

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             The effects of the money that the government taxes on the income earned by citizens and from businesses as an essential source of revenue for its projects can have negative impacts on the economy and employment. Income taxation reduces economic growth and activity by reducing the consumer spending. On the other hand, it generates funds that are used in programs and projects. The other positive effect is that there is a possibility of re distributing wealth from high-income to low-income earners thus reducing the poverty gap.

            Financial efficiency means meaningful, reliable and timely disclosures about a projects financial expenditure. To secure funding it is paramount that companies should avail transparent financial for the investors/funders to make informed decisions. To secure resources at both the state and local levels, the project managers should reveal the precise information about the expenses and money required for the tasks. The investors on their part should be financially literate to understand the information. Financial efficiency is a situation where resources are allocated to the most promising investment opportunity that takes the lowest cost. When the risk taken in investing on an opportunity is minimized the otherwise limited resources are adequately utilized to generate economic returns. Financial efficiency leads to financial stability of a company.

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