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Your arguments are well thought out on this area of marriage coaching. I especially like the level of logic you showed through your thoughts. It is true that couples cannot rely on God alone to solve their problems. They have to show initiative to keep the fire in their union burning. Sharing of experiences is another issue of great importance in marriage. This makes couples see that they are not alienated from the rest of the world.

Just like in any other commitment that an individual can get themselves into, marriage too needs hard work and dedication. Without this, a marriage is doomed and will not last as long as it is supposed. Your view on counselors was also informative. While many people go to counselors for problem solving, their main purpose is to offer guidance on how one can solve their own problems. Couples seeking counseling should hence be ready to do most of the work on themselves.

2nd response to Nina Cox: Learned Optimism

It is true that intimacy goes beyond the physical relationship that a couple can have. It is vital for a couple to connect on a spiritual and intellectual level, as well. While sexual intimacy is important in a relationship, it is vital to share more than that, so that a relationship can flourish.

 Everybody experiences some sort of struggle with some aspects of their lives. A couple hence has to learn to live with the hardships that life may bring. God is a source of solace in such times. Also, by working together and being supportive of one another, a couple can reduce their level of stress caused by other factors in their life. The essence of marriage is to have a partner who lifts you up when you are down and offers comfort in times of distress.


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