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There has been a rise in Americans of Philippine origin. Some migrated to America when being still young; thus, they have little or no legacy of their native country (Posadas, 2003). Some have been born and raised in the United States and have completely no legacy of their motherland. Currently, Filipino constitute the second most populated group of Asian Americans (Posadas, 2003). The elderly, who had roots in Philippine, should teach the younger generation about their native culture and way of life. This will prevent decay of the culture. There is a significant difference in the way of life between American born Filipino and immigrant Filipino. This is because of the environment they were raised in. Prior to their arrival in America, most Filipino had experienced a lot of hardships owing to the fact that Philippines is a developing country and their resources are limited (Alikhan, 2009).

The number of Filipino Americans is expected to rise as immigration rates do not decrease. In addition, there is rise in birth rate among Filipino already living in the USA. Over the last decades, more Filipinos have been acquiring permanent residence in America. Few studies about Filipinos exist; this has made it difficult to determine Filipino identity. Some Filipinos have already lost their roots while others still maintain close ties with friends and relatives back at their native country (Posadas, 2003).

It is of utmost importance that the government of the Philippines changes their policies on immigration so as to reduce the increasing rates of Filipinos leaving for the USA. Creation of employment opportunities in the Philippines will not only promote economic growth in the nation; it will prevent immigration of its citizens to other nations in search of greener pastures (Alikhan, 2009). Such a state of affairs would help Filipino reserve their customs and traditions as well. So far, the Philippines is the leading nation in export of human labor. Most Filipinos tend to face many hardships while living in foreign countries. There is, thus, a growing need for the Philippine government to develop policies so as to prevent increased migration among its citizens and create favorable financial atmosphere in their own country.


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