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In my point of view the idea of Canada consisting of a monarchy is becoming old-fashioned according to the generation as well as the advanced system of technology and regime. The trend of having Queen Elizabeth II getting up there in an elderly age , and King Charles to be sworn in as a reigning monarch after the Queen is just an outdate issue. The best way for Canada to be modernized is that it should just adapt the system of the United States. It is time to let go the monarchy system and its 21st century techniques of leadership and beliefs it’s a period to realize that the days of Post-Sir John A. MacDonald are past. If research and analyses can be done, Canada may be the only nation in North America to have relation with a monarchy. If Canada declines its connection to the monarchy, it can prosper in years to come.

There is clear vision of the occurrence of some actions writing in the air as a result of throwing off the monarchy. The deals are as follows; Canada's $10 bill may be plunged from flow as result of low demand. The flesh memories clearly reveals, the way a lot of banks have pulled down the $10 bill from their orders due to demand hitting rock-bottom in the rise of the recession. The purchasing power for the $10 bill seems a lot less at the moment and even if demand for the $10 bill rises, the $5 bill will be leading in demand and for duration of a given period. The current representation on our $10 bill, Sir John A. MacDonald, will be easily recognized on the $20 bill. This way, there would be uniformity of Prime Ministers on our banknotes (Nathan 9).

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We got only one stopper in contradiction of what one day a given political party may attempt to permit off as law, however there is only one final responsibility and supremacy above the politicians, this is the Monarch. It is not that the monarch is powerful, but the way it holds the others from gaining power. The utmost of the costs of monarchy are funded by the British, so we giving a platform of good bargain over the clear view of the Canada’s history, it reveals that the only period in the past 100 centuries, Canada was miles away in development up to the moment it abandoned its links to free trade economics of the British and left for the great public works projects and the FDR inspired nationalization of the Bank of Canada. FDR, who was loyally anti-Imperialist, aims was to abolish the debt-slavery of the British Empire forever, and when we imitated his system, our nation went via its only golden age, as referred to during that time of the last 100 years (Nathan 15).

Globalization and the IMF debt-servitude of present is only the existing manifestation of British free trade economics starts with British East India Company lackey Adam Smith. There is the necessity to breakdown the trend with this push to global governance and emphasis again on refining our own republic internally while on the other hand being able to upgrade the standards of other countries. This is possible by use of our own bank of Canada to eradicate the expenses consumed.

Onto my conclusion it is vital to state that, I collaborate with the Canadian Party for the diminishing of the monarchy. We are required to break with the monotony routing with our British imperial history, and launch our own constitutional republic of Canada, and combine hands with our fellow citizens of Canada to fight against colonialism in the western hemisphere.


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