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Glimpses of this deterioration become evident with the apparent lack of social skills and illogical answers to questions by his friend John has poor social skills that hamper his chances of making newer friends; he says he "is good at numbers much more than he is with people". Making out what is real and what is not, is John's biggest challenge. Throughout the movie, he however shows innate unending passion to excel. Among his most bizarre behavior is his mathematical approach to everything, trying to look for some arithmetical logic in explaining situations. He also is emotionally unattached in all his relationships

The solving of the complex code through the assistance of William Parcher, the people he sees as soviet agents trying to extract information from him. He does see things albeit in a different frame of mind in addition to hallucinations. Visual hallucinations are identified through the mental creation of William Parcher, Charles Herman and Marcee, their relationship and his final goodbye to them. Auditory hallucinations are related to the voices of these characters and most prominently that of William Parcher. The discussions he has with him are only hallucinations in his mind. Delusions were connected to aspects of the real life around him making it hard for him to figure out the truth. In Marcee's case, his reflection that she does not seem to grow any older opens up his mind to his condition.

Relationship with both his wife and child can be described as rather cordial at best. He loves them both but does not have the capacity for emotional feelings and neither does he show this to his family. His hallucination drives a wedge in this relationship. The wife's love for him helps her accept his condition and her intervention to help him. Chasing him through the college and the commotion, with people staring and police involved embarrasses both him and his wife. John overreacts to stimuli believing it is intended to harm him.

The insulin shock and coma therapy was used to calm John keeping him sedated for long periods of time. Such treatment did not consider involvement of the patient but achieved the treatment through forced procedure. John resents the medication for its negative and derailing effect on his intellectual capacity. He does not follow the treatment regime but late tries other medication that would not hamper his mathematical ability. To the viewer, teaching seems not to be his career, especially regarding his perspective on the whole idea. His final achievement does give hope to all who suffer from such condition and the people who care for them.


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