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The needs of human existence and activities that people engage in have their traces from historical backgrounds that they share. The historical influences that people have make them respond differently to different situations. Traditions play a remarkable role in the understanding of how people live and form perspectives. This paper looks at the ways that the traditions of china and India can help understand the actions of these countries today, and the ways they inform the perspectives of their citizens among other things.

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The traditions that India and china have help people to understand the actions that these two countries have taken today. Both India and china have formed their actions based on the influences that their traditions offer. The two countries had rich religious, cultural and societal values that the countries still follow up to date.  The religious traditions and cultural traditions India and china helped them establish their educational, societal and economical values.

The national identities that the countries have today have shaped from their traditions. For instance, the political spheres in India have been shaped from the cultural perspectives that existed a long time ago. The country still operates through castes and classes. People belong to different castes and classes in the Indian societies today. This did not start recently. The religious traditions in India discouraged people to advance personally. Instead, it advocated that all people should contribute to the development and advancement of everyone in the community. This happens until today.

In china, traditions still play an important role today. People in china still value family tradition. Their health care services still borrows from their traditions that valued herbal medicine. Leadership also reflects traditional china. China still favors male dominance especially in political leadership the same way china did a long time ago.  Therefore, almost all the important aspects of china and India today have borrowed much from traditions.

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Traditions in china and India inform the perspectives that their citizens have. The Chinese and Indian people have borrowed heavily from their traditions. This has influenced their lives even today. Most Indian and Chinese people, even those who live outside the two countries practice the things that their traditions expect them to do. The family life that the citizens of the two countries have, reflect their traditions. For instance, male Indians still get married to their women. Men have the responsibility to provide for their family while women take care of their children and husbands.

The Chinese also value the family as an essential unit of the community. People still hold on to this belief. Therefore, even when Indians and Chinese people respond to modernity hey carry their traditional perspectives with them. The perspectives that Indians and Chinese have in relation to their traditions shape their national policies and economic activity. For instance, leadership in India has borrowed much from Buddhism. National policies reflect the values that the traditions in India promoted. For instance, the national policies must ensure that all persons get a fair share of the countries resources. Likewise, the national policies in china have borrowed much from Confucianism. It requires that rulers exercise their power with diligence. The two countries value respect of the elderly and have gone further to cater for them in their national policies.

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The economic activity in the two countries has been shaped in relation to the perspectives that people have formed from their religion. The two countries advocate for an economic system that caters for all. They discourage individual advancement with regard to wealth. This has been the cause of poverty especially in India.  Traditions in china promoted land use as the most significant form of economic activity. This made china to develop itself with regard to the available land. Until recently, china depended on land activities as the essential economic activity.

The effect of traditions in India and china has affected their relationship with the global community. Most international investors do not invest in the two countries. However, investors from the two countries go to invest in the entire world. Most of them become successful when they invest outside china and India. Therefore, china and India do not form part of investment destinations for international investors because of the effects that the traditions of these countries have on their economic activities (Dumoulin, Heisig, & Knitter, 2005).

All that I have learned has helped me broaden my perspective of china and India, specifically about the culture and people of the two countries. I have understood that most things that people from china and India do, including their religious beliefs, economic activities and family relations have borrowed heavily from their traditions. I learnt that the two countries have rich cultures and traditions that have helped them live harmoniously. The traditions and religions in china and India play an essential part in the lives of their citizens.  They have influenced how the people of china and India form their beliefs and the values that they hold. I know understand the importance of tradition to china and India and to their citizens


Every community has its own cultures and traditions. The traditions and cultures that people have influence how they relate with other people and how they engage in their own activities. India and china have rich traditions and culture that has influenced the lives of the citizens of the two countries in a significant way. The social, economic and political lives of these two countries have shaped from the perspectives of the traditions and cultures that the two countries have.

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