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A literature review is a summary, description, evaluation or a clarification of a primary report. The following research paper contains the reviews of eighteen primary reports and articles. The book "Health care reform" by Audrey R. Chapman argues that health care is a human right and not as a commodity. The book seeks to offer a national framework that is conscious to the reduction of the cost of universal Medicare

"Participant observation" is a book by Kathleen Musante DeWalt and Billie R. DeWalt. It defines research methods in cultural anthropology and features in the qualitative research of other disciplines. It guides both beginner and experienced researchers in the field observation methods of collecting systematic data while in a natural setting. The Report of the CSIS Commission on Smart Global Health Policy by William Fallon and Helene Gayle explains how leaders drawn from diverse groups call on Washington policy makers to handle the global health agenda.

Peter Golding and Phil Harris' book "Beyond cultural imperialism" promotes peoples understanding of the consequences of the global Media's culture and politics. They connect central themes of social science with world media and communication. William Jack's"World Bank, Development Research Group" report shows how the South American countries have reformed and financed their methods of giving health care and insurance to formerly marginalized groupsdifferently.

In James A. Johnson's book on Health organization, he goes further to discuss the theory and the organizational development in ways that other books on the topic hardly do. He addresses concepts of foundation, research and new directions in each of the sections.In His book "Research methodology: methods and techniques" Dr. Kothari addresses the addition of the role of research to computers. He explains how the computers have become an indispensable research instrument.

Juliane Kuballa's book on Employee Satisfaction shows how the road to success for many companies has been complicated due to a decrease to brand loyalty and advancements in technology and information transparency. "Preventing occupational disease and injury" is a book by Barry Levy, Gregory Wagner and Kathleen Rest that looks into how to save the lives of thousands of Americans, which are lost every year through occupational injuries. They state that prediction and prevention of the hazards is possible.

Helen Lingard and Stephen M. Rowlinson explain how health and safety in the construction industry is important in their book "Occupational health and safety in construction project management". It covers issues that apply to the nature of injury and illness in construction projects. Karla Shippey's "USA business" is a useful resource for anyone wishing to do business in the United States. The encyclopedia contains the process, places and people who one would need to do international business.

The book "Focus groups: theory and practice" by David Stewart, Prem Shamdasani, and Dennis Rookpresents an easy to read exceptional blend of theory and practice. It offers a design and interpretation of focus group discussions that is systematic and is within the social science research and theory context. The book "The new public health" by Tulchinsky and Varavikova is a solid textbook that is neither too locally oriented nor lacks relevant local issues. It offers its readers a comprehensive and in-depth overview of theories related to the practice of public health.

Roger Watson in his book "Nursing research, designs and methods" presents an understandable introduction to nursing research. A research-minded book directed to nurses in terms of concept and theory that is up to date. The book allows its readers to develop confidence in research and its application. "Health at work" is a book by Stephen Weiss, Jonathan Fielding and Andrew Baum that focuses on the work place and issues surrounding its health promotion programs. The book focuses on issues of smoking, weight, exercise, and the management of stress. The book discusses examples of the most studied programs.

William Zikmund in his book "Exploring Marketing Research" claims that internet-marketing research is in its productive stage. In the book, he states that advancement in technology and the diffusion of society have shaped and will continue to shape the field of marketing research. Lillian Forman's book "Health care reforms" gives an overview on the healthcare system of the United States together with the economic and political concerns and aspects. The book further goes ahead to compare the healthcare in the United States to that of Canada.


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