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Amadeus is one of the most interesting films of the 18th century that has captured the attention of many people from the previous years to the modern years. The manner in which it has been rolled through the use of flashbacks and musical coordination has made it even more interesting because it has been used to explain the value of classical music in the society.

Importance of Music in Amadeus

Almost the whole of Amadeus drama is revolved around music and even the rivalry that exists between Mozart and Salieru is also about music thus music creates very important structure of both the film and the play. the musical part of the show is even given more attention than the film itself because it is felt in all the parts film and it is more prominent. It is also used to portray the emotions of the characters in the film and this makes both the play and the film even more interesting than it was before. Music is also important because it has been used as part of communicating between themselves and the audience and it is also used to educate the viewers.


His is a dram biopic film that was written by Peter Shaffer in the year 1984 and was directed by Milos Forman. The film was adapted from a play by the name Amadeus and the story was on the lives of music composers of the 18th century from Austria Vienna known as Antonio and Wolfgang Mozart Amadeus. This is one of the films of the 18th century that received very many awards in the categories such as 8 Academy Awards, 4 BAFTA awards, 4 Golden Globes and also a DGA Award and in the year 1998 it was ranked number 53rd out of 100 movies of a century by the American Film Institute. The film starts in the year 1823 when an old man by the name of Salieri tends to attempt committing suicide while begging for forgiveness for having murdered Amadeus back in the year 1791.

The film continues with the introduction of a priest who has come to take the confession of Salieri the self claimed murderer and here when the priest arrives Salieri first shows like he is not interested but later on gives a very long confession of the relationship that existed between him and Mozart. Salieri's confession becomes a story that goes through to the next morning and goes on till afternoon. Through the story being long, it creates another interesting part of the movie where they frame it as a flashback of Mozart's life to the day that he was assassinated by Salieri.

As part of the flashback, Salieri remembers how he had been devoted to God and had made promises of remaining celibate if he could only his life would be devoted to music. He also gives a description of how he and his father had planned for him to become a businessman and the event that took place during his father's death after being choked while eating and how he diverted his career into music. According to his narration, he described himself as one of the elites in the 18th century in the city of musicians called Vienna. His initial descriptions were that of a God-fearing young man who highly believed in God and also believed that his musical talent was God-given and also his success. He was also one of the composers of songs such as the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II.

Salieri continues to narrate how Mozart arrived in Vienna and explains what happened before they became officially introduced to each other. Salieri had been observing Mozart carefully when he arrived in Vienna and realized that he was a very talented musician and he even claims that God was speaking through Mozart's music. Salieri also happens to have recognized Mozart's adult work that displayed him as a very talented person but as the film continues Mozart displays a very high-pitched childish laugh that can be heard throughout the film. Salieri and Mozart continues to learn more about each other as time goes by and through Mozart's laughter Salieri is also able to learn more about his character.

Music becomes the centre of attention because both Mozart and Salieri evaluate each other's musical performance from their own different perception while giving their personal judgments on each other's music. Some scenes in the movie displays the trials and tribulations that Mozart goes through during his life in Vienna since initially he was being treated with a lot of pride owing to the fact that his music was very interesting to many people but later on he became angry and could not believe how the Italians were treating him in the Emperor's court.

As the film continues, his father Leopold dies and this contributes a lot to his stress, grief and most of all the expenses of his family keep increasing while his commissions decrease. The events that take place in the film are more interesting owing to the fact that Mozart is displayed as a very antisocial person as compared to other characters like Salieri. The film is full of fictions owing to the fact that it is entirely composed of wisdom and science and this makes the viewer more interested to watch it over and over and it becomes easy for the message that is intended to be well conveyed. The film also brings out clearly that classical music was highly valued in the 18th century as compared to modern world.


Finally the film is a very interesting one even though it does not explain the real cause of Amadeus death. The film also brings out cultural difference between people in the previous years and the modern world and how it should have been. The value of classical is also mentioned in the film and the viewer is able to see how important it was to the society at large in the eighteenth century.


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