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This particular motion picture surpasses in my opinion, futuristic ambiguity visible in other technologically advanced motion pictures. Its concept is vividly integrated to facilitate the viewer, better understand the film. Its story line basically involves humans and aliens and their struggles. In other movies involving humans and aliens, human beings in their exploration escapades are always depicted as the invaders. However in this particular motion picture, alien ships invade the earth and set up camp in every major city of the world. They cite the need to replenish their stock with something that is available only on earth as the main reason for their rude intrusion which apparently causes physical damage to property as well as lives.

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They appear not to be hostile in any way and one of their major intentions is that of spreading peace through means such as universal health care for all humans. Watching the film in its first moments, one easily concludes that the visitors (for that is what they call themselves), are good natured and have the best interest of human beings at heart. This is shown in the many technological aids they provide in fields such as medicine. They create what they call peace ambassadors among humans to help in popularizing their kind.  They succeed in attaining passports and visas for entry into particular countries of their choice, which they use to further facilitate their immediate goals.

However, in as much as the visitors try to pretend and hide their true reason for coming to earth, the film in its swiftly correlative episodes quickly dispels this notion from the viewer's perspective. It appears that the visitors did not just get to earth recently; rather they have been on earth for years. Within this period, they have been concentrating mostly in positioning themselves in positions of power or those that are likely to influence decision making. These positions include university chancellors, priests, police heads and several other influential positions in the society. They are very secretive some of them like the FBI agent live and work with humans, and act just like humans, thus making it very hard to suspect them.

The movie takes a twist when it becomes clear that the visitor's real reason is that of getting mankind to trust them completely then wipe them out of the face of the earth. This is probably because their planet has appears to have ceased producing a vital commodity essential for their very existence and apparently this commodity is very much in abundance on earth. In an effort to protect their kind, they befriend the humans but with ulterior motives.

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They appear to suffer some kind of set back when it becomes clear that there are defectors, people from their kind who do not support the idea of destroying the earth. Most of these people like Ryan are living in comfort and complete understanding with humans and for this very reason, they are prepared to tackle the visitors using guerrilla tactics. The motion picture thus revolves around the struggles of these two groups one that is pro-destruction and led by the visitor's high commander, and the other which is against destruction.

Main Characters in the Movie

The visitors High Commander is perhaps the major character depicted in the movie. Her name is Anna and she is very calculating and possesses excellent leadership skills despite the fact that she is a woman. This is evident by the way she manipulates Charles Decker who is a reporter and her personal link with the humans. Then there is Charles Decker who as stated previously, is a reporter who is highly trusted by Anna and who acts as her personal mouthpiece because of the numerous exclusive and up and personal interviews she is granted by Anna. He is easily tricked into this dilemma with the mention by Anna of how these interviews would elevate his career as a reporter. Then there is Georgie who happens to be the unspoken leader of the resistance. He plays a major role of sabotaging major operations by the visitors.

Ryan is another major character whose role is very controversial in the film. He is a visitor too but a defector. He has all the technical know how of how the visitors operate and is able to anticipate and therefore forestall any counter attack by the visitors. Through him, we get to know the real face of the visitors. They do not actually possess human forms but very ugly looking bodies. Bee cause of the fact that they have advanced technologically, they are able to crate superficial representations that resemble human beings. Lisa is the daughter to the visitors High Commander and has been trusted with the role of seducing Tyler who is the son of an FBI agent (Erik). Erika's role in the motion picture is very important as it revolves on her quest to look out for her son who ends up being recruited by the visitors as a peace ambassador.

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Technological Issues That Encompass the Movie

From as early as the first episode, it is possible for one to deduce that most of the scenes in the movie are technologically manipulated. The space ships in which the aliens arrive in seem very and look very real. When they arrive, the sheer impact is depicted vividly by computerized graphics which depict an explosion. We also get to see how the looming figure of each ship affects the abundance of sunlight through their immense shadows on towering sky scrapers. The aliens are given the benefit of been technologically advanced than humans and this is evident from the many miraculous healings the conduct in their healing centers. Charles Decker for instance is able to be diagnosed with a brain condition by one of the visitors machines which appears not be the case with human diagnosis.

They say their technology allowed for the prevention of diseases long before they infect them. The visitors' high commander addresses the earth from the various ships from ma big screens which appears below the ship after a brief transformation. The fact that the visitors High Commander is able to manipulate the human language system also serves to give basis to the fact that they are more advanced technologically that human beings.

Utopian and Distopian Outcomes of Technology

Utopia refers to an imaginary place where everything is in perfection and pleasant while distiopia contradicts this as it refers to a place where perfection is minimal and everything is unpleasant. If one was to imagine a situation where by technology facilitated perfection, then it would mean in essence, global Utopia. This would be a scenario where no medical condition will be untreatable and thus there would be less deaths and even so technology would have devised a way to cater for the subject of human mortality.

Things would be much easier and previously cumbersome duties such as traveling would be more convenient. It is a fact that in current times, traveling by air has gained popularity especially in technologically advanced countries Franssen, Kroes and Vermaas (2011). All in all if there was technological utopia in today's world, ten issues such as terrorism would be irrelevant as peace would rein.

On the other hand, technological distopia is something we as human beings are accustomed to. It is through these malfunctions and daily unpleasant activities and happenings that we as humans relate to the fact that we are full of emotion. Emotion is paramount to self fulfillment. It is not proper for one to feel good all the time because of technological utopia and this is simply because we are humans. I think the outcome of distiopia is what we are witnessing and have witnessed since the beginning of mankind. That is partly sour moments, and partly happy moments. It is on this basis that human beings relate to one another and the environment in general.

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