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"Life is always unpredictable, as it is full of surprises." The Game Plan was a family comedy movie acted in 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts area. The comedy was produced by Ciardi & Gray, and directed by Andy. The main actors in the movie were Joe Kingman, Peyton, Stella Peck, Travez Vasquez Karen Kelly among others. The main actors, real names were Dwayne Johnson, Madson Pettis, Kyra Sedgwick, Roselyn Sánchez, Morris Chestnut, and Paige Turco respectively.

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The Game plan is about the story of a supper star Quarterback Joe whose team was based in Boston is in a championship. Kingman, who was described as a serial bachelor lives in a real ultimate fantasy. This is based on the fact that, he is far much rich, popular and lives as if he is in a party. However, such like dream suddenly ends or rendered useless when discovers a daughter aged seven years called Madison Pettis. In his life, he had never known that he had a product of da last fling, long before parting with his old young wife. In such a time that many can describe as the crucial times in his career, he had no option but figure out the ways in which he will be dealing with his "parties, practices, as well as dates with his newfound ballet classes, bedtime stories and dolls that come with his daughter" (Ciardi , 2007). Similar situation faces his agent Stella, who has no parental bone in her body.

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The actors in the movie brought very beautiful events in the comedy. One is able to see in the comedy the regular football match between the Boston rebels Vs the New York Dukes ends by Rebels Joe Kingman ruining it into end zone, by ignoring an open wide receiver. Surprising, Kelly who is an eight year old girl appears on the Kingman's door step, claiming that she is her daughter and that her mother sent her there to meet him. The two brings out both a mixed reaction of joy and surprise, as they act as if they had ever met yet not yet. The reactions of Stella were expected, since she is more concern about winning than Kingman uniting with his daughter.

The issue of Kingman appearing on the cover of a tabloid magazine article after the opening of Kingman's restaurant can not only make one sympathetic, but also epithetic, due to depressions that Kingman undergoes, till pecks realize that, Kingman requires a new fatherly figure. Stella acts like any other person concerned about winning the game, by trying to heighten Kingman's morale by promising him 25 million Dollars when he wins the trophy with Rebels team in the finals.  The most devastating and sorrowful moment in the comedy is when Kingman gets injured and is taken to locker room (Ciardi, 2007).

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These working behind scenes with the special effects, were just as good as actors themselves. Throughout the game Plan, special effects were incredible. During the Rebels marches, I was convinced that all players had muscular bodies, i was looking at these match scenes, trying to identify any small bodied player, trying to figure out what they were wearing, and what they used to eat, or even the kind of exercise they were doing to make them so.

Another special effect that made the movie to be credible was the ability of placing Kingman history making events. These events ranged from being a superb player to a person who enjoyed his life to the maximum. Such television clips showing Kingman's life were really done with lots of expertise that they ended up looking real. It was done to such an extent that one might think that a person by the name Kingman was promised 25million dollar by a lady by the name Stella , if a team by the name Rebels wins the championship trophy.

After watching the comedy, I comment that, though some lines in the movie are corny, but the majority is a serious stuff, hence the film is exciting and never disappoints. In addition, one can get Johnson motions. At the begging, it makes one laugh, as the guy is just in love with himself, he just tries to make ends meet in his foot ball career. However, I recommend that, background relation between Kingman's and his daughter could have been fleshed a little more, one only gets a hint of it, and anyway, the comedy was good.

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