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The Breakfast Club movie production, writing and filming took place in 1985. The story of the movie focuses on five teenagers drawn from different high school cliques. The teenagers were spending a weekend together in detention where they end up realizing they have deeper stereotypes than they thought. This paper provides a review of the paper.

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The Breakfast Club movie comprises of several prominent cast. Judd Nelson casted as John Bender acts as the rebel of the group who gets detention for creating false alarm. The second prominent person in the movie is Emilio Estevez. He played Andre Clark in the movie. He represented the jock of the group. Molly Ringwald played the role of Claire Standish, the most popular girl in the school. Fourthly, Ally Sheed played the role of Allison Reynolds. The other prominent cast include John Kapelos, Paul Gleason and Anthony Michael Hall. The setting of the movies is in a library of a fictional high school named Shermer High School. The five students in detention spend time in the library ordered not to speak or move from their seats. It is an American Teen drama film (Hughes, 18).

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Brian the Brain set the stage for the premise of the movie as the first scene depicts him informing the viewers that they are to write an essay about who they are while doing time in detention. The teacher who ordered them to write that letter is their nemesis named Mr Vernon. The next scene shows Mr. Vernon headed to his guard-postposition in the office positioned across the hall. The next event portrays the students initial defensive posturing. In this scene, the wise-guy Bender forces much of the action as he ends up vandalizing the library door with the intention of making it remain closed. He also makes the teenagers to interact as he opens up to them. There is also the scene where all the protagonists whistle together.  This set stage for their discussion about their sexuality where Claire reveals she is ashamed of her virginity.

They also discuss the relationship between them and their families. Another scene portrays the five teenagers leaving the library in order to retrieve Marijuana from Bender's locker. Things turn out unexpected as Mr. Vernon closes in on them. Bender has to sacrifice himself by drawing the attention of Mr Vernon so that the rest can get back to the library without Mr Vernon's knowledge. There is also another bonding period by the teenagers in the movie. This scene is viewed after Mr Vernon rushes in to check what is happening after Bender fell from the roof. The teenagers enjoy a bonding session while smoking Marijuana retrieved from Bender's locker. They discuss several questions concerning their characters and resolutions they opt to operate with starting Monday as they report to their various schools (Estevez, Gleason and Hall).

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John Hughes wrote and directed the movie. Commenting on why he chose to cast Judd Nelson instead of John Cusack on the part of Bender, he said that Cusack did not look threatening enough for the role. Hughes claims that his appeal to direct the movie attracted scepticism and resistance. He had to convince investors that there were minimal risks involved and the movie only required a single-location shoot for them to agree to sponsor the movie. It took three months to shoot the movie at a high school in Illinois (Hughes, 28).

The theme of the film centres on revealing the multiple aspects of adolescent development. The theme develops using five teenagers send to detention for various misdeeds. While in detention, the teenagers speak about their relationship with their family, which reveals some tension existing between all of them, and their parents. This is a characteristic of adolescents, as they seem to be rebellious. Sexuality is also discussed and Claire admits she is a virgin something she is ashamed of. Adolescents prefer social group identity and that is why the movie portrays the five teenagers discussing about their future relationship, whether they will stop communicating or if they will keep in touch. In addition, many adolescent fall victim of drug use and this is portrayed in the movie by the five smoking Marijuana.


John Hughes wrote and produced the Breakfast move in 1985. The movie features prominent characters such as John Cusack, Ally Sheed, Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson. They cast the five students send to detention because of their misdeeds. The filming of the movie lasted three months at a high school in Illinois. The theme of the movie reveals the different developmental stages of adolescents. The director managed in conveying the message through the movie as the characters played their roles well.

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