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In drama, unity refers to the three principles derived from Aristotle's poetics which necessitate a play to have a single action which is represented as happening in a sole place and within the course of a particular period. There principles are called unity of action, unity of place and unity of time respectively. In unity of action, a play is supposed to have a single main action that it follows and have a few subplots or none at all while in unity of place, a play must cover a sole physical space and must not try to compress geography or the arena represent more than one place. In regard to unity of time, the action within the play must take place for 24 hours or less. Aristotle's concept also suggests that in a piece of art, all the elements must be arranged in a manner that they will work according to the overall design of the art and also conveying the main purpose. Therefore, according to Aristotle, the action of a play should be restricted to a single plot, that is, unity of action, should be acted in a single location, that is, unity of place, and the play should have all its events taking place in a single day, that is, unity of time.

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The Twilight of dreamtime is a documentary talking about the customs of the Northern Australia aborigine tribe that is found in the Kakadu national park, and their environment. According to this documentary, the aborigine people believed that Kakadu was maintained and organized by their spiritual ancestors the time when the earth was being created. They believe that the ancestors walked across the whole country creating plants, animals and other landforms. These same people came back with laws that the community follows in their matters of life such as ceremony, language and kinship. Kakadu national park is an area that bears landforms and habitats of a biologically and ecologically diverse nature. These include escarpments, woodlands, sandstone plateau and rivers. There are more than sixty types of animals in this national park and most of them are reptiles. There also more than two hundred types of birds within the park. Most of the bird species in Australia are also found within the Kakadu national park.

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Unity in the documentary is seen in the way all the aspects are directed. Various aspects such as the place are well described and all the activities are taking place in that place. The place in this documentary is the Kakadu national park where the aborigine community lives, where they believe their ancestors came from and an area that is shaped by the ancestors. In this documentary, all these things are related to a similar place which is the Kakuda national park. The unity of time is seen in the way things are moving in the story. It starts with the ancestors who lived in a land with no creation. From this, they created the things that followed in existence. Everything is happening during the same time and none is deviating from that era. Unity of action is seen in the way the plot of the documentary is moving. All the actins are related to each other and none is deviating from the main themes of customs and environment.


The documentary on the Twilight of dreamtime is designed in accordance with eth Aristotle's idea of unity. Unity is seen in its entire concept such as action, time and place. Maintaining unity enables the viewers to connect all the events in a documentary so as to understand and appreciate the film. This ahs also contributed to the same in the documentary of Twilight of dreamtime.

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