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Advertisers have a specialty in words, sentences and phrases that capture their target audiences. William Lutz in His essay "With these words I can sell you anything. Depicts how the advertiser use the weasel words meaning words that are too convincing or to beautiful to be seen as false, when in actual sense they are the opposite. This is partially by the fact that the consumer is ignorant on the actual, legal and the extent of the meaning of the words and phrases that are in use. By knowing that the consumers are not to be so questioning or challenging to the actual meaning of the words the marketers also tend to walk away scot free after realizing their objective.

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William Lutz has support for this idea citing the various advertisements that run that run on the mainstream Media today. For instance, a firm selling a personal hygienic product that has been in the market for a long time being repackaged and then claims that it's new and improved. This is by virtue of them mentioning a component called aloe vera which has been included in its ingredients since the initial manufacturing. But since they were silent on the issue at first, mentioning it later automatically makes the product 'new'. The advertisers have an intelligent way of playing around with peoples'minds and convince them to be loyal customers. It's professionally normal to do that but some of them have overexploited this by saying half truths to make a sale.

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It may be argued that the advertisers and marketers are carrying out their jobs which is to convince their target audiences, the consumers, but  the general attitude of the writer indicates that it should be done right and considerate to the consumers have limited knowledge. The consumers having a limited knowledge are entitled to be educated on the use, true benefits and transparent way about the products hence the use of the amore approachable but honest way. This may be of the benefit of the consumers for they are in the position of making the right and informed choices on their own. In his defense, he argues that the advertising industry has for along time used the monopoly of trust and zero challenge to its products and services marketing. To him, this may be unfair and has to be corrected by the parties involved or the industry itself. His argument my be justified; however his sentiments can be seen as over attacking the media industry and the general marketers of which they may have a legal explanation.

Citing the competition that exists between the individual marketers and advertisers in the market a wise packaging of the information that reaches out to the audience is handy to maximize the profits. But, according to the essays the structuring of the words and phrases have to be honest and shouldn't create an illusion that a product is for instance "new and improved or have a reduced price when in actual sense is an improvement of a scent or package or reduction in the quantity from the initial size. It's advisable that the consumers to protect themselves from the shiny or readily sweet language that soothes them into buying the products. The consumers have an obligation to choose the best quality products by scrutinizing the claims of the adverts

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There are a number of ways in which a consumer can protect him or herself from the claims of the advertisers. These tips can be handy according to Mr. Lutz and include a research on the products to establish the truth of the claims. This places the consumer on a better perspective of making an informed choice regarding the product before spending on it. He gives a simple way to follow while language checking on the product at hand. Consumer may also try to take a try on the competing goods and service to determine whether the marketer is using the others' weaknesses to capitalize on the same or it's actually value. The consumer can also compare the old products which were on offer by same producer to investigate what was wrong with them or what improvements are there.

However the author also seems to be one sided, by advocating on the right s of the consumer. One can carefully see that he doesn't talk from the perspective of the marketers. Marketers also are in the competitive business of selling ideas of their products. The sort of their business requires a good reputation and a loyal following for them to be in business. This naturally requires a careful choice of words and phrases that must appeal to the consumers in the easiest and quickest manner. Another shortcoming of the analysis of Mr. Lutz argument is that he attempts to make the marketers seem to be overly wrong on their work. The marketers have no job of educating the consumer on every detail of their products. It's by law that the sellers operate by the principle of caveat emptor meaning buyers beware. The marketers are also depicted as the ones who use deceptive language to woo the consumers thus it's not a balanced theory by Mr., Lutz.

Throughout the essay one can establish that Mr. Lutz has a point in the advocating for the consumer rights. He warns that double speak by marketers is not fair and may lead to consumers not enjoying the full benefits of the products they buy. These consumer awareness tips can also be handy before making a purchase. With these words I can sell you anything is an essay that tends to highlight some of the challenges that are faced by the consumers together with the marketers in their courses of trade. Most of the arguments have a base of truth and can be logically be argued and the bottom line is decisive measures must be taken.

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