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Holofernes and Judith story is similar to the story of Goliath and David. Judith is the name that mean Jewish woman, she took deeds that were much violent in the name of saving her people. This easy summarizes the story of Holoferns and Judith.

The meeting of Holofernes and Judith is found in the book of Judith, very short and probably an account of Assyrian violence that is non-historical, that is against the Jewish customs. To the city of Bethulia is where the siege was laid by the Assyrian general, after which the residents, started agitating for surrender. Judith, a rich widow, on the other hand came up with a plan. With her maid, she passed through the gate and walked across the valley to the Holofernes encampment, where she told the Guards that she had the best way of entering Bethulia, (Schmitz, 2010).

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She told the king that because of siege, Jews have turned away from their religion hence destruction is merited and maintained is God who has sent her. Holofernes was pleased with her appearance and agreed. This made her not to be harmed on top of being allowed to leave at night for prayer. This gave her time to learn the exact juncture that the city needs to be attacked, (bible-people, 2011).

Holofernes invited Judith at his servants' banquet, and because of the happiness of being with her, he drunk a lot, after remaining the two of them only, she prayed for strength and cut off his head and then left with his head in the sack, (Abcgallery, 2011). She called for entry at the gate of entry, and apart from showing his trophy, she instructed an attack against Assyrians the morning that followed. The Assyrians found their leader; Holofernes dead when they went to arouse him. They became horrified and then decamped. The camp was plundered by the Israelites; then anything good that belonged to Holofernes was given to Judith, who then left them to the heirs of her late husband, (Cristofano, 1613).

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