Free «Mediation and Advocacy» Essay Sample

Human service field is broadly is defined as to closely approach the main objective of meeting a variety of human needs by application of its interdisciplinary knowledge base by focusing on preventive and remediation of problems as well as showing a continuous commitment to improving the quality of life in offering of its services to target populations. Most of human services are provided by human agencies across the local, national or even international levels. Some of the human service agencies include the California Health and Human Agency Services (CHSS), the United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS) and the Agency for Humans Service (AHS) (Agnew, 2004).

The California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS) is a agency that is responsible for providing a range of social services, health care services, mental health services, alcohol and drug treatment services, health services and income assistance to all Californians who ail from all works of life. CHSS is an agency that operates at state level and coordinates its activities with others state agencies, the office of the governor and the legislature.

The DHSS is the principle agency for the United states government and its entitled to protecting health service of all American citizens and providing of the essential human services especially to those who have less ability to provide for themselves. The agency operates at a national level in collaboration with other governmental agencies like national institute of health, agency for health care policy and research, food drug administration, agency for toxic substance and disease registry.

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The agency for human services operates on state level and offers its services in Vermont and its mission is improving conditions and well being of all Vermonters and to help in protecting those who can not protect themselves. It operates from a local level and spread to the entire state and it services starts from family level e.g. by helping families access health care or even child care, home nursing assistance among other specific human services to children and youth population (United States, Committee on Appropriations, Congress, House, 2006).

Advocacy is defined as using one's communication abilities and professionalism to speak on behalf of those who ca not and help highlight on issues that affect them like on health and social concerns. So the current human service agencies has integrated advocacy in their service provision in order to improve on the quality of the services while being able to influence the target populations on improving their lives. Advocacy in human service agency serve to highlight on issues that require urgent attention as well as hinting on the population that needs a prioritization in service provision. Advocacy is one of the main traits of group of individuals connected by the objective of attaining a common cause which basically defines an agency concern with providing human services (United States, Committee on Appropriations, Congress, House, 2006).

In addition to that another benefit that an agency derives from integrating advocacy in its services is to ensure that it remains in touch with the community in which it offers services. This community-agency rapport helps garner support in offering its human services and this can be inform of income or finance especially for the non-profit organizations, personnel's, volunteering and in decision making process which all work towards the success of the agency in realizing its the goals and objectives (United States, Committee on Appropriations, Congress, House, 2006). Advocacy therefore helps promote collaborative existence between the agency, the target population and with other agencies who are stakeholders in the fields. Thus advocacy is part of the agency's strategic plan to ensure that the public to the target populations know, understand and support the services that are offered by such agencies (Wittenberg, 2003).

The issue of mediation my service agency is very important as to plays a critical role in preventing further deterioration of human welfare thus helps in sustaining life while plans to resolving the problem are underway. Integration of Mediation purposes in providing human service provision help in identifying the root cause of such concerns hence help in future preparedness in case similar concern arise hence mediation purpose help the agencies in decision making processes regarding specific human issues that often occur amongst populations.


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